Battle of the Eyeliner Pens – Kat Von D vs NYX vs Soap and Glory vs Ciaté London

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I hope you’re doing well and have had a lovely day! I’m going to kick off this week with a mega eyeliner pen battle between four different brands: Kat Von D, NYX, Soap and Glory, and Ciaté London.

I am the type of person who wears winged eyeliner every day that I’m going out (unless I’m just doing a quick dash to the shop, or I’m feeling lazy) so I’m always on the hunt for the perfect liner. I used a super cheap, Natural Collection liquid eyeliner for YEARS and it was only recently that I moved onto eyeliner pens, after receiving a sample sized Kat Von D liner at Christmas.


Today we will be watching the following eyeliners battle to the death:

  • Kat Von D ‘Tattoo Liner’ in ‘Trooper’ – £16.00/$20.00.
  • NYX ‘Epic Ink Liner’ – £9.00.
  • Soap and Glory ‘Supercat’ Eyeliner – £6.50.
  • Ciaté London ‘Fierce Flicks’ Eyeliner – £15.00.

So without further ado let’s get into the battle!

What Does Each Liner Look Like and What Does it Claim to Do?

Kat Von D ‘Tattoo Liner’

What the Kat Von D website claims:

‘Nothin’, we mean nothin’, makes whipping out a killer Kat Eye easier than Tattoo Liner. This brush-tip liquid liner is the magic wand of makeup. Kat uses it every single day, and we really aren’t sure how we would get along without it ; )

Why, you ask? The highly pigmented, 24-hour-wear formula is waterproof and transfer-resistant. That means those lines aren’t goin’ anywhere…Insane days and sleepless nights can’t touch our Kat Eyes!

The precision brush tip is the key to super-fine lines. No less than 325 flexible bristles come together in a tight, crisp point, ready to unleash invincible lines. The supple, saturated brush glides across lids in silky, smooth strokes, making Tattoo Liner the ultimate tool for both makeup newbies and beauty pros alike.’

My thoughts: Although this eyeliner may be a bestseller, these are some MAJOR claims – especially that ‘nothin’ makes whipping out a killer Kat Eye easier than Tattoo Liner’.

NYX ‘Epic Ink Liner’

What the NYX website claims:

‘Live for super-sharp wing inspo? Don’t just “like” all your faves, draw ’em yourself using Epic Ink Liner. Featuring a slender and supple brush tip, this intensely pigmented, waterproof pen lets you achieve black liquid lines effortlessly. Every stroke is unbelievably fluid for a defined finish. Control the thickness of your lines by pressing down just a touch. Fine and natural, broad and bold—the look is always up to you!’

My thoughts: This description is much shorter than the Kat Von D one, which I prefer. As you can see, I’ve already clumsily managed to bend one of the strands that form the brush head so clearly the tip of the brush is very supple. However, the actual brush style (ignoring my clumsiness) is very similar to the Kat Von D brush.

Soap and Glory ‘Supercat’ Eyeliner

What the Soap and Glory website claims:

‘Featuring our unique INKJET™ colour release & Gloss–Fix™ finish to give a rich and intense colour. The foolproof marker tip creates two looks – Fine point for a natural look or thick edge adds a dramatic flash! Uses long lasting, long wear pigments plus a high percentage of carbon black for intense colour release.’

My thoughts: I personally don’t think that the point of this liner is very fine, especially when compared to the NYX and Kat Von D liners, and instead it looks a lot like a normal marker pen (for paper… not your face).

Ciaté London ‘Fierce Flicks’ Eyeliner

What the Ciaté London website claims:

‘Become a liner pro with Ciaté London’s Fierce Flicks felt liner. Formulated for intense, super-black colour pay-off, dramatic wings and feline flicks are no match for this easy to use precision tip!

HOW TO USE For a precise line, glide the liner from the inner corner of the eye using the fine point. Turn on its side to create a thicker, bold look.’

My thoughts: Just like with the Soap and Glory one, I wouldn’t say this is a hugely precise tip, this one looks like a mix between the smooth Kat Von D/NYX liners, and the fat, fluffy Soap and Glory one.

Ease of Application and Depth of Colour 

I decided to be different and create swatches in the shape of hearts (so edgy, I know) and write the brand name inside so you can see which one is which. Ignore the varying sizes of the hearts, this isn’t anything to do with the products.

One thing that is dependent on the quality of the products however is how good the heart its, how thick or thin lines are, and how deep the colour is.

Kat Von D: I have had this eyeliner for a while, and used it for up to a month or so consistently before I moved to trying out others and let me tell you, it is DRY. I love the applicator on the Kat Von D liner, it’s really precise (as you can see in the swatches) but how dry it gets makes it hard to apply and less pigmented. I find that there really isn’t a lot of product and it dries out very quickly, I also find that it isn’t as ‘highly pigmented’ as it claims to be. Since Christmas this is my second time owning the full-sized product, as well as having used two sample sized ones (and I store it upside down). Although the application of this product may be easy during the first week or so, because of how quickly it dries out and loses pigment I would give this a 7/10.

NYX: I would say that the NYX one applies quite similarly to the Kat Von D one (when the Kat Von D one isn’t as dry as my unmoisturised face) and is pigmented as hell, but it feels quite wet, and I find it takes longer to dry that the Kat Von D liner. Also on the first few strokes it bleeds into the fine lines on your skin, whether this is on your arm or eye. However, I do find that you can go over those bled-out bits to fix that. Due to the ease of application and rich black colour I would give this a higher score, but due to the colour bleeding, I will have to drop it to a total of 8/10 for application and colour payoff.

Soap and Glory: Here’s where we start to go downhill with the application process, as I’m used to using fine eyeliners, I find that the tip of the Soap and Glory liner is too fat and difficult for me to control. I also didn’t find it as pigmented as the NYX one and it’s easy to smudge it during the application process. As the colour requires layering to become opaque, and because of how difficult I find the large brush, I will have to give this product a 5/10.

Ciaté LondonI first received this eyeliner in a Birchbox and from day one I hated the application, it was so, so dry. I sort of wish I could suck some of the moisture out of the NYX one and give it to this one to breathe some life into it. However, because that isn’t possible, instead I have a crusty eyeliner that is really difficult to use. For some reason the sides are super pigmented but the tip distributes a grey colour which seems impossibly to build to be black? I don’t know whether I just got a bad one, but this is unfortunately the one that I have so due to it being dry, and not pigmented (and only £1 cheaper than the Kat Von D one) I’m going to have to give this a 4/10 for ease of application and depth of colour.

Smudge Test

This is going to be a short and sweet section, I let these dry for a couple of minutes then went to town trying to smudge these with my finger and none of them budged so that’s 5/5 for each of them!

Water Test

To complete this test I splashed water onto my arm for a couple of seconds, I did not put it under the tap, it was just a light splash.

Kat Von D: This liner claims to be waterproof and I saw no visible change when it was subjected to the splash test therefore it earns a well-deserved 5/5.

NYX: Again this liner is marketed as waterproof and was exactly the same both before and after the water testing (the liner you can see running through it in the first picture is from the Soap and Glory liner), so this liner also earns 5/5.

Soap and Glory: Now please bear in mind that this liner is NOT marketed as waterproof, I just wanted to see how this would hold up. As you can see, it did not hold up well… At all. Literally the second water touched it, it began running down my arm. Now whilst this could be expected to some degree, the amount that came off, and the speed at which it began running is concerning. I would be worried to yawn if I was wearing this eyeliner. I personally would expect a regular liner to hold up slightly better than this, even if it wasn’t waterproof (the Ciaté London one took minimal damage) so for that reason I’m going to have to give it 1/5 – because there is some left, it’s just very faint.

Ciaté London: Whilst this liner is not marketed as being waterproof, unlike the Soap and Glory liner there was no running when it was splashed, and lost minimal colour once I patted the area dry. I think this liner, considering it isn’t supposed to be waterproof, has earned a respectful 4/5. The ONLY reason I wouldn’t give it 5/5 is because it became slightly patchy in some areas.

Overall Scores

  1. NYX: 18/20
  2. Kat Von D: 17/20
  3. Ciaté London: 13/20
  4. Soap and Glory: 11/20

Final Thoughts

I think there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing an eyeliner pen but I personally look for one that is a rich black colour, and that won’t budge or smudge throughout the day. Whilst the NYX one isn’t perfect, and it does bleed slightly, I think it’s better than the Kat Von D one (controversial I know). I have loved the Kat Von D ‘Tattoo Liner’ for months, but I found it ran out so quickly and was becoming a frustrating part of my morning routine when I had to go over the same parts of my eye multiple times to try to build up pigment; only to have pieces of the eyeliner flaking off due to how dry it had become. The NYX ‘Epic Ink Liner’ delivers the most jet black, budge-proof line and I find I hardly have to touch it on my eyelid. In terms of the two that I didn’t like as much, I just didn’t feel like they suited what I wanted and needed.

Please remember that we’re all different, and just because I didn’t like the Ciaté London ‘Fierce Flicks’ eyeliner, or the Soap and Glory ‘Supercat’ liner, that doesn’t mean that you won’t find that they work for you. Additionally, I love other products by both Ciaté London and Soap and Glory. I own many of the Ciaté London nail polishes, as well as one of their blushes and find they work amazingly for me. Furthermore, I use the Soap and Glory ‘Archery Brow Pencil’ every day and absolutely love it – as well as loving their shower products.

If you want to buy any of the eyeliner products I mentioned then you can do so here: Kat Von D ‘Tattoo Liner’ – £16.00/$20.00, NYX ‘Epic Ink Liner’ – £9.00, Soap and Glory ‘Supercat’ Eyeliner – £6.50, Ciaté London ‘Fierce Flicks’ Liner – £15.00.

I hope you liked this battle, if you did enjoy it then please like this post so I know it’s something to continue in the future. Also if you want to see me try out other products (lipsticks, brow products, you name it) then leave me a comment with what type of product to battle against each other, and maybe some brands to consider.


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