Nügg Beauty Face and Lip Masks Review

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I hope you’re having an absolutely fantastic day! Today I’m going to be talking about, and reviewing, some of the Nügg Beauty face masks, as well as the Nügg Beauty ‘Hydrating Lip Mask’.

I’m not sure how I first discovered Nügg Beauty but it was definitely through Instagram. I think I’ve seen some of their products around and ended up following them myself. Nügg Beauty frequently hold ‘#WhereIsNuggNow’ competitions on their Instagram page, where they show someone holding a Nügg face mask in front of a landmark, and you have to comment to say where you think the mask is in the world (and tag a friend).


I entered one of these competitions and was randomly picked as the winner. As a side note, me winning something is a huge deal as I’m one of the most unlucky people ever, the last time I won something I was under 10 and it was a Bambi dvd. Anyway, as I won the competition, Nügg Beauty sent over some masks for me to try.

For anyone curious, the picture to the left (or above if you’re on mobile) is an example of what their Instagram competition posts look like (this is the one that I won on – the answer was The Maccabiah Games in Jerusalem, Israel):

Whilst these masks were sent to me for free, this was because I was randomly picked as the winner of one of their Instagram competitions, and this review will still be my 100% honest opinion.

So let’s get into what I was sent, the prices of each item, and what I thought!


The products I received from top to bottom, left to right, were:

  • ‘Anti-Aging Face Mask’ – £4.00 x2
  • ‘Mermaid Marine Peel Off Face Mask’ – £10.00
  • ‘Revitalizing Face Mask’ – £4.00
  • ‘Deep Hydration Face Mask’ – £4.00
  • ‘Hydrating Lip Mask’ – £10.00
  • ‘Charcoal Skin Detox Face Mask’ – £4.00
  • ‘Soothing Face Mask’ – £4.00

So the total value of the prize I received was £44.00, which is really amazing and generous of Nügg Beauty. As far as I can see the only masks they didn’t send were the ‘Exfoliating Face Mask’ and the ‘Deep Cleansing Face Mask’, so this prize was virtually their whole range!

When I first saw all these product I was really excited, I love that they sent such a huge range and included their ‘Mermaid Marine Peel Off Face Mask’ and the ‘Hydrating Lip Mask’. I have super dry lips so I was really drawn to the lip mask.

Unfortunately this review is going to be quite text heavy because I completely forgot to take photos of each product before I started using the the products.

‘Anti-Aging Face Mask’ – £4.00

Whilst I was sent two of these, I’ve only used one so far so that I could get a feel of it to review it.

Here’s a description taken from the Nügg Beauty website:

‘Helps nourish, firm & hydrate skin, provides antioxidants to help protect skin from free radicals and helps maintain smooth skin and a youthful looking complexion.’

Unlike with some of the others, I found that this mask didn’t really have a scent. It applied really easily and there was loads of product in the pot – it directs you to use the whole pot (one pot = one use/one mask), which I did.

I really liked the consistency of this mask, it’s quite jelly-like but feels really lightweight on the skin. Whilst you can tell that you have something on your face, it doesn’t feel heavy and you’re not distracted by it. This mask wasn’t uncomfortable in any way, it didn’t sting, and was just generally pleasant to wear.

It directs to leave this product on for between 5 and 10 minutes which, in my experience using a whole host of face masks, doesn’t seem like very long. I definitely left mine on for around 10-15 minutes, most probably because I forgot to check the time when I applied it.

After removing my skin felt really soft and looked great. My face was super even and radiant. I would definitely use this mask again.

‘Mermaid Marine Peel Off Face Mask’ – £10.00

I love the idea behind this mask, and what it is marketed to do for your skin! The Nügg Beauty website states the following:

‘Cleanses skin, helps draw out impurities and helps reduce shine.

Helps soothe & tone skin and provides a cooling and de-puffing sensation for a refreshed look and feel.’

So this mask comes in a super cute little tub which is to be used to mix the mask (you get two uses out of it). You have to combine 3 tablespoons, or 15g, of the mask powder with 45ml of water in the tub, and mix to form a paste. You then apply this to your face, avoiding your mouth, eyes, eyebrows, and hairline, before peeling it off.

I was actually excited about this product, I’ve never used a mask that you had to mix yourself. However, things went down hill for me pretty quickly. Firstly, opening the packet that contained the mask powder, and trying to remove some powder and measure it out left powder everywhere, it was so difficult not to make a mess. It took quite a while to get the correct amount measured out, add the right amount of water, and mix it up.

I applied it to my face using the little mixing spatula that came with it because I didn’t want to get it everywhere which worked well for me. However, I found that the mask started drying pretty quickly, I ended up with a super bumpy application on and around my nose because the consistency of the product had started changing and balling up. I added more water into the pot to see if I could stretch it out a bit more but it just caused the remaining product to clump together and peel away from the pot. Therefore, I ended up wasting some product which was still left in the pot.

The mask itself smelt quite earthy in the tub, but once it was on my face it smelt sort of minty. Looking at the ingredients I think this smell may have been Tea Tree. I personally found that this minty/Tea Tree ingredient stung my eyes, as I found it to be quite strong. The applied mask felt very cold, and refreshing which was nice.

After the allotted time (15 minutes) the edges of my face where the product was applied thinner had gone white. I think the question everyone wants to know when it comes to a peel-off mask is: did it peel in one piece? The answer to that is a resounding no. It was a huge pain to peel off as the pieces were small, and the white areas of the mask would not peel away. The white areas needed to be washed off, which was also a pain and took a while.

My skin after removing the mask did look and feel really nice and moisturised. I also thought that my skin looked more even and fresh. However, the amount of effort and time that I had to put into this mask personally puts me off using it, and I would rather use a different mask which gives the same results (a lot of the other Nügg Beauty masks made my face feel equally amazing). However, I do think this mask could be really fun if you’re doing some at home spa treatments alone, or with friends.

‘Revitalizing Face Mask’ – £4.00

According to the Nügg Beauty website, this mask has:

‘Revitalizes, refreshes & hydrates your skin for a radiant, energized, plump & dewy complexion.

Provides a natural cooling sensation and a smooth, fresh after feel.’

The first thing I want to say about this mask is that it is VERY minty, I found that it tingled when it was on my face and like with the Mermaid Marine Mask, it stung my eyes. The mask basically feels like when you brush your teeth, but get some mint on your lips, only that’s all over your face.

This was the first mask I used and I was feeling stressed so grabbed it to try to make myself feel better. It was only once it was on my face that I realised that it basically wakes up your skin. Which would have been great… If I wasn’t using it at 11:45pm. I can safely say that close to midnight is not the best time to put a tingly mint mask on your face.

After the initial shock of yet again reading what something contains, then being confused when it contains what it said it would, I found the mask very refreshing. When washing it off I managed to get some in my eye (10/10 would not recommend doing that), but once it was completely removed my skin genuinely felt amazing. This mask made my skin feel and look really radiant and awake, and I would definitely 100% use this again (just not at midnight).

‘Deep Hydration Face Mask’ – £4.00

The following description is on their website regarding this mask:

‘Nügg Hydrating Face Mask will boost your skin’s hydration level, erases dry spots and brings comfort, dewiness and plumpness back to dry skin.’

Not going to lie, I have never heard of Camellia Seed Oil, or Spirulina Extract, but what I do know is that I have dry skin and this mask is supposed to moisturise.

Again this mask smells great, it doesn’t have a scent that I can put my finger on to name but it’s a really pleasant and refreshing smell. It just smells clean and like it’s doing good things (I really hope you understand what I mean by that).

After washing this mask off I can say that my face felt really moisturised, it was so soft and even today my face doesn’t feel dry at all. I did apply moisturiser before bed, as usual, but my face is usually starting to feel dry again by now, and after using this mask it isn’t feeling that way. I would definitely recommend this mask if you have dry skin, it certainly helped me.

‘Hydrating Lip Mask’ – £10.00

I have to say, this was the product I was most excited about when I saw it in the package as I go through lip balm at a superhuman rate due to having dry lips.

The description on the website for this says:

‘Luxuriously hydrating, 100% natural & vegan Lip Mask / Lip Moisturizer – beauty expert’s secret to soft, smooth lips and winner of the Cosmopolitan Best of Beauty Award.

Shea Butter hydrates & softens lips, Coconut Oil and Irish Moss Extract help to nourish and condition lips and Liquorice Root Extract helps to enhance lips.’

I have no idea why I think all of these masks are minty but I just don’t know how else to describe it, this doesn’t contain any kind of mint and yet I find it to feel and smell sort of minty.

The mask states you can wear it either for 20 minutes before using tissue to wipe off any excess product, or as an overnight treatment. I’ve used this lip mask around 4 times, once for around 20 mintues, once for about an hour and a half, and twice overnight.

I found that when I used it for 20 minutes it did soften my lips but I wouldn’t say that it made a huge difference. The first time that I used it overnight, my lips were softer, but I found I had to use a lip scrub to get rid of the softened skin. Whilst that seems obvious to me now, I mean where would the dead skin have gone, I didn’t expect to have to use a lip scrub to remove the softened dead skin. However, I found that the second time I used the mask overnight it didn’t work as well and I still had really dry lips. I’ve just tried it again as I’ve been writing this, and left it on for around an hour and a half and, whilst again I did have to use a lip scrub to remove the dead skin, my lips are now really soft and smooth.

This product is a bit confusing for me, as I’ve had mixed results despite doing the same thing each time, I also didn’t notice any plumping effect. I’m going to continue using it and I hope that with continued use it will help my lips. I thought that the amount of product you was quite small when I first got it out of the packaging (the ball that contains the product is smaller than an EOS lip balm) but you don’t use a lot each time and the Nügg Beauty website does say that you get around 30 uses out of the product, and that you can re-purpose the container as a travel container for moisturiser once it’s empty, which is pretty awesome if you ask me.

‘Charcoal Skin Detox Face Mask’ – £4.00 

The description for this mask is as follows:

‘Black Charcoal and Kaolin Clay detoxify, help draw out impurities and help control shine.

Oatmeal, Zinc & Aloe Juice help soothe the skin.

Tea Tree Oil provides soothing properties for acne-prone skin.’

I definitely found this mask smelt a lot like Tea Tree. I was using this mask as I had a spot near my nose, and I did find that initially it stung quite a bit in that area. Additionally I found it was quite itchy and uncomfortable in some places, such as my chin.

This mask I found to be messier than the others. I’m unsure whether this was because it actually was, or just because the mask itself was black, whereas the other masks were clear (apart from the Marine one), so it makes it easier to see the mess.

After I’d removed the mask my face definitely felt and looked a lot cleaner, and it definitely drew out some impurities. However, whilst it does say on the website ‘gel mask does not dry down, therefore it won’t dry out your skin’, I found that my face felt quite dry afterwards, which isn’t ideal for my skin type. That being said, I probably would purchase and use this mask again, I would just choose to use it on problem areas of my skin where I have more pores and tend to get more spots, for example on my nose and chin.

‘Soothing Face Mask’ – £4.00

The description for this mask on the Nügg Beauty website reads:

‘Helps to intensely soothe, balance & hydrate troubled or sensitive skin and leaves skin soft & smooth; also great for after-sun care anywhere on the body.’

I don’t have sensitive skin, but I did find that this mask stung slightly on my blemishes. This stinging sensation however was only minimal and only when the mask was first applied, after a few seconds this feeling stopped.

My skin, after removing the mask, felt clean and soft. I don’t really have many comments about this mask, whilst I did like it and my face felt good afterwards, it isn’t my favourite of the Nügg Beauty masks.

So this brings us to the end of this review on the Nügg Beauty Face and Lip Masks, I really enjoyed using these and am appreciative of Nügg Beauty for running competitions on Instagram and being so generous with their prizes. Whilst I usually go for sheet masks as I don’t like the mess that sometimes can come with more traditional masks, I found these really easy to use and pretty mess free (apart from the ‘Mermaid Marine’ mask). Each mask coming in a small pod is really convenient and minimises mess, additionally it makes it easy to know how much to apply (all of it). Unfortunately the ‘Mermaid Marine Peel-Off Face Mask’ doesn’t suit my needs when it comes to face masks, I typically look for a mask that’s easy and requires minimal effort as I usually put face masks on at night. If I didn’t have to mix it myself I would probably have enjoyed this mask a lot more, it certainly did work well on my skin. However, as I said previously, I think this mask would be fantastic if you’re looking for an at-home spa experience.

I really loved the ‘Deep Hydration Face Mask’ and the ‘Revitalizing Face Mask’, they were definitely my favourites and I will buy these in the future. I’m also excited to continue trying the ‘Hydrating Lip Mask’ to see if it improves my lips with continued use.

On the Nügg Beauty website I couldn’t find anywhere to buy the masks separately and they only seem to come in packs of 5 of the same mask, but they do have variety packs which are tailored to certain skin concerns (such as dry skin), that contain 4 different masks which I think is cool. Additionally, they have a mask subscription service!

If you would like to buy any of these masks then you can do so to the US on the Nügg Beauty website, or to the UK from Beauty Bay, or Selfridges.

Thank you so, so much for reading, I know this post was long and text-heavy I just really wanted to review each mask in one big post. I really hope that you enjoyed this review, if you did then please give this a like! Make sure to follow my blog if you think my content is something that you would enjoy, I post twice a week (and my posts aren’t normally as long as this one I promise). Additionally I’d love to hear your thoughts, let me know in the comments if you’ve tried this brand’s masks and what you thought!


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