Cougar Beauty ’24 Hour Liquid Lipstick’ Review

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If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen pictures of me wearing a Cougar Beauty ’24 Hour Liquid Lipstick’ in the shade ‘Rioja’ recently. I’ve been testing it for a few days, wearing it all day, so now is the time to review it!

I’ve seen a few products floating around from Cougar Beauty, but I’ve never tried any products out (as far as I can remember). Therefore, this is truly a first impressions review! It’s my first impression of this specific product, but also my first impression of Cougar Beauty as a brand.

I bought this product because I’d found a coupon code online just after Christmas that allowed me to have the lipstick for free and just pay postage. So I actually paid £1.99 for this lipstick, which was just the postage cost, instead of the usual £7.00 cost for the lipstick plus postage.


The liquid lipstick comes in a black box with a section cut out in the centre so you can see the tube. Honestly it’s not the most exciting of packaging, but I don’t really have anything bad to say about it!

The tube itself is pretty simple, it’s just the colour of the lipstick with ‘Cougar’ written in gold lettering, and a black cap. Again, not the most exciting of packaging, and it is very lightweight. Not sure why, but on the back of the tube it has ‘lipgloss’ printed, even though it’s a liquid lipstick.

Product Description

On the Cougar Beauty website, this product is described with the following passage:

‘Our 24 Hour Liquid Lipsticks are perfect for creating a long lasting, bold & striking lip.

Formulated to be quick drying, full coverage, non smudging or streaking but completely hydrating all at the same time.’

The shade I got specifically is described on the website as ‘a deep and daring red wine shade’.

Application, Formula, and Review

The formula for this liquid lipstick is very thin and lightweight. However, despite being a thin formula, it’s extremely pigmented and you only need one layer for it to be completely opaque. It also smells incredible! The only way I can describe how it smells is like the strawberry tube sweets (these). If you’ve tried those, this lipstick smells exactly like them. Honestly I could sit and smell it all day! It does still have the scent when you’re applying it, but once it’s dried down, it goes away.

I do find that the colour leans more towards being a pink toned red, rather than a ‘Rioja’ red. I wouldn’t say that the colour is a particularly deep shade of red like it’s described. Nevertheless, I really like the shade and I think that it suits my skin tone really well.

The staying power on this is crazy as well. I’ve worn it all day on multiple occasions, including whilst eating greasy food, and it took hardly any damage – my lip line was still super crisp, and there was only minor fading in the centre.

Overall, I really love this lipstick and I find myself reaching for it often. I’ll definitely buy more shades of this lipstick (there are only 5 shades in this range in total) because I do think it has a fantastic formula! They are £7 each, and to be honest I’m unsure how I feel about that price – I don’t think it’s affordable, or expensive. I personally would pay £7 for this lipstick as I enjoy it. If you would like to purchase this lipstick then you can do so on the Cougar Beauty website here. However, look out on their social media for deals, as I did get this one for free due to finding a coupon. Additionally, I tend to look on Fragrance Direct for brands like this one, as they typically have a lot of great products for much cheaper than the brand’s website. I’ve ordered many times from Fragrance Direct with no problems. You can find items from Cougar Beauty on that website here.

This brings us to the end of this review, I really hope that you enjoyed reading! If you did then please give this review a quick like, I appreciate every single one that I get. If you’ve tried any products from Cougar then I’d love to hear what you thought, so leave a comment below. Finally, if you think that my blog contains content that you’d enjoy reading then be sure to follow so you know when I’m posting!


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  1. auroraanna says:

    That color looks gorgeous on you ?!
    I have nominated you for the liebster award ❤

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  2. Beautiful colour and always good to hear about brands that aren’t extortionate yet do as the promise! x

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