EyeWake ‘Collagen Gel’ Eye Serum Review

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A few weeks ago now (on the 17th January), I received an email from a brand called EyeWake asking if I would like to try their collagen eye gel. After researching, and asking some questions, I agreed. I received the product two days later on the 19th January.

Now whilst this product was sent to me for free to test, I have absolutely no obligation to leave a positive review – it would be difficult for me to accept working with a brand if I HAD to give a positive review, without having tested the product already. Also they didn’t ask me to write a blog post on the product, I just wanted to.

So, without further ado, let’s get into what this product is, and what I thought about it.

About EyeWake

As far as I’m aware, EyeWake are a relatively new brand. As of 5th February 2018, they have 272 followers.

I couldn’t really find a lot about the brand’s story. However, in the initial contact email it was detailed that the product is 100% natural, cruelty free, and suitable for all skin types. EyeWake also have a partnership with Women’s Aid. They state ‘We are a team that gives back and understand that there are people around the world today who do not have the freedom or receive the love that we take for granted.’ This partnership means that they donate 5% of their net profit to Women’s Aid, and it says on their website that they ‘participate in charity events in each quarter’.

Women’s Aid are a charity who work with those who have experienced domestic violence. They particularly focus their attention on women and children. The charity has three main strands: Listening to Survivors, Campaigning & Influencing, and Education & Public Awareness.

You can find the EyeWake website, and explore it yourself here. Furthermore, their information on their partnership with Women’s Aid can be found here, and if you’d like any more information about Women’s Aid you can read more through the following link.


The packaging for this product is minimal to say the least. The product comes in a white container with a pump and a clear lid. On the bottle in black is the brand name, product name, and ingredients.

If I’m completely honest, the packaging underwhelmed me. Whilst I do like minimalist packaging, the product’s retail price on Amazon is £34.95 (though it’s been on sale for £14.95 since I was contacted in January). For £34.95 I would expect more, certainly at least for it to come in a box. Furthermore, the packaging contains no information about what the benefits are for using the product, nor directions for use (for example, when to use the product). I would expect this information to come with a skincare product, no matter the price point of it, but certainly for a product with this retail price.

The pump on mine feels kind of flimsy, again I would expect more for £34.95. I pumped a small amount onto my hand when the product first arrived, just to see the consistency, I then left it alone until I was going to bed. When I went to use it at night, I was concerned that the pump was broken because of how much I had to press it (I set up to film for a Instagram video but then it obviously decided to work). This may have been because it was led on its side for a while. But realistically this shouldn’t effect the pumping of the product, unless the container wasn’t full or the pump was faulty. Since then, the pump has been okay, but it’s a little bit wobbly so I’m concerned that it will break before I’ve finished the container.


As I’ve already said in the packaging section, there are no claims for this product on the actual packaging. Which means you need to go online to see what it’s supposed to do. Luckily, Amazon have the following description:

  • REDUCE DARK CIRCLES & PUFFINESS – The luxury eye gel formula combines powerful ingredients to target areas around your eyes. Cucumber & Elderflower instantly awakens and soothes puffy eyes. Laded with Vitamin-E, a strong antioxidant that moisturizes the skin;
  • RICH IN POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANTS – using natural products it helps boost your skins vitality;
  • NOT JUST FOR EYES – Your eyes aren’t the only part of your face that can benefit from the age defying properties of this product. With simple application to your cheeks, forehead and the areas around your mouth and lips, you’ll see correction to these signs of ageing in no time, helping you attain a smooth and brilliant complexion. A perfect base and primer for makeup;
  • MADE FROM A TRUSTED SOURCE – EyeWake skincare products are never tested on animals and are made and manufactured cruelty-free in the UK at our state of the art laboratories. Suitable for all skin type’s. Contains no alcohol


First Impressions: The consistency I wouldn’t really describe as completely gel-like. It’s much thinner than a gel and definitely is more like a thick serum. A little goes a long way and the pump makes it easy to control how much product you are distributing. Due to it being thin, it applies and spreads easily. No immediate difference, but that isn’t to be expected. Under, and around, my eyes do feel refreshed and more awake.

Longer-term Impressions: I’ve been using this product during my nighttime skincare routine every day since it arrived and have noticed a difference. I personally put this under my eyes, over my eye lid, as well as on my forehead and neck. I was finding before using this product that I had quite dry eyelids but I have seen a huge improvement in this since using this EyeWake product. Furthermore, whilst I wouldn’t say that I had particularly dark under eyes, I have also seen an improvement here. I can’t comment on whether it reduces puffiness because I didn’t experience this before I started testing the product.

On the other hand, whilst the product does what it claims, and I have seen a large improvement in the areas where I use the product, there are a few things that stick out to me in a negative way. Firstly, the packaging, as I’ve already explained, it isn’t of the quality I would expect for the £34.95 price point. Secondly, I’m very confused by their pricing strategy. As of 5th February 2018, the pricing of this product varies wildly. When I received this product on January 18th, it was on sale on Amazon for £12.95, down from £34.95. In the original email, I was told that this would only last for a week. Today, the product is on sale on Amazon for £14.95, down from £34.95. On the EyeWake website, you can buy one of the eye serum for £22.95, or a bundle of two for £34.95. The pricing discrepancies confuse me since Amazon would take a share of their profit through selling on their website, so having the lowest price on there seems like an odd choice. Furthermore, the number of reviews on Amazon again seems odd to me. Since they have their own website, it would make more sense to drive purchases through there so they don’t have to pay Amazon fees. I’m sure there’s a logical reason behind these pricing strategies, and the favouring of Amazon, but from the outside, it seems strange.

One other thing I’ve picked up on, is that the product is listed on Amazon, and their own website as ‘EyeWake’, and is referred to in that way in all promo. Yet the actual branding on product is ‘eyewake’ (lower case). This is only a small thing, and I only picked up on it because I was checking how the brand name was written.

Overall, I’m in two minds about this product. Whilst I do think that it works well and does what it claims it would do, I’m underwhelmed and disappointed by the packaging. At the end of the day, it is just about the product and not the packaging, however the packaging is your first impressions and you expect to get your money’s worth. For £14.95, I believe that this product is worth it. However, for the £34.95 price on Amazon, I wouldn’t recommend it. If you’re in the market for a new eye serum, then I would recommend this one as it does work really well, just keep your eye on Amazon to see what price it is at since it seems to fluctuate.

If you would like to try out this product then you can currently (as of 05/02/18) buy it for £14.95 from Amazon here.

Update 17/04/18: EyeWake have altered the packaging for their bottle so it now comes in a much higher quality (and more environmentally friendly) bottle, and also contains a box. Furthermore, I stopped using EyeWake to try a different skincare routine and my undereyes were instantly darker, and more puffy. Therefore, I now really believe that EyeWake works wonderfully and it’s definitely worth the price. I would highly recommend it!

Update 07/04/19: It now seems EyeWake have rebranded to ‘Wake Skincare’.

This brings us to the end of this review on the EyeWake ‘Collagen Gel’ Eye Serum, I hope that you enjoyed reading! If you did then please give this post a like. Additionally, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this product. If you’ve tried it then what did you think? If you haven’t then do you think you will? Finally, if you think that you might be interested in reading posts on my blog in the future then please give me a quick follow, I’d really appreciate it!


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