Superdrug ‘Tea Tree Purifying Peel Off Mask’ Review

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I hope that you’re having an absolutely incredible week – I’ve been having a pretty stressful time if I’m completely honest! However, I’m excited to be reviewing a mask that I recently tried out from Superdrug.

As you can tell from the title, today I’ll be talking about the Superdrug ‘Tea Tree Purifying Peel Off Mask’. This mask costs a grand total of 99p and contains 10ml of product. After switching to cruelty free, I have found myself gravitating towards the Superdrug website much more. On one of my late night browsing sessions, I came across this mask and thought I’d give it a go. It was on a buy one, get one half price, deal, so I actually bought two.

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Superdrug Tea Tree Purifying Peel Off Mask

As you can see, the mask comes in the traditional sachet, where you rip the top off, and squeeze the product out to use it. Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of this type of mask packaging, as I find that it’s quite messy and you can never get all of the product out. However, for 99p, you can’t expect much in terms of packaging. Additionally, at the end of the day, the performance of the mask is a lot more important than its packaging.


On the Superdrug website, the mask has the following claims:

‘Superdrug Tea Tree Purifying Peel Off Mask is specially ‬‬‬‬‭formulated with Tea Tree Oil, renowned for its natural ‬‬‬‭purifying and antibacterial properties, to help promote a ‬‬‬‭clearer, healthier-looking complexion. Infused with cooling ‬‬‬‭Peppermint Oil, it gently lifts away dirt, impurities and excess ‬‬‬‭oil to help reveal a newly revitalised and radiant complexion.‬‬‬’


As I mentioned in the packaging section, the application process is pretty messy. The actual mask is clear, which I find only makes it messier since you can’t really see where the product is going. Also, if you’re anything like me and like to do your face masks at night, it only makes it more difficult to see the product.

I tend to apply masks with my fingers, because I’ve never bought a mask that came with a brush and I haven’t got round to buying one – if anyone has a good, cheap, one they recommend then please leave it in the comments below!

Apart from it being a bit messy out of the packet, it applies pretty easily. The mask is quite gel-like so it glides on easily. However, again I have issues with it being clear, and find it difficult to tell where I’ve placed it on my face. The instructions say to apply a thin layer, which I find means there’s a considerable amount of product left in the packet. Since I always end up in a massive mess, I can’t really save the remaining product, so personally think I put more than a thin layer on, just so I don’t waste the product. I haven’t found that putting a thicker layer on makes any difference in the performance of the mask, it just takes slightly longer to dry.

The mask, perhaps unsurprisingly, smells extremely strongly of tea tree – I’m talking my eyes watered to begin with, kind of strong. Additionally, its very cooling, almost uncomfortably so, to begin with. I think this was due to the peppermint in the mask, as it feels similar to when you get toothpaste on your skin (but all over your face). If you walk around with the mask on and have any kind of breeze on your face, it feels like it almost burns – but this is due to how cold it is. This dies down as the mask starts to dry, but I found it pretty extreme to begin with. I’d recommend sitting, or lying, still with this mask on to avoid this uncomfortable feeling.


I think the one result everyone will be interested in, is if it peels well. The answer is – yes. It doesn’t lie when it says it’s a peel-off mask, and if it’s completely dry then it will peel off in once piece. As the mask is clear, it does look like you’re shedding your skin. When I used the second one, I asked my brother if he wanted to peel it off – I’ve never seen someone look so disturbed. So, if you want to freak someone out, wait for this to dry and ask if they want to peel it off.

In terms of the claims, I think the mask does do what it said it would. I used mine when I had some breakouts and it really helped them. After peeling off the mask (it also tells you to wash your face), my skin felt really soft, smooth, and clean. Additionally, it helped to clear up blemishes, which is why I bought the mask in the first place.

Final Thoughts

If you are sensitive to scents (or specifically tea tree), or don’t like cooling masks, then I wouldn’t recommend this mask. However, if you can get past the strong scent and cooling sensation, I would highly recommend it. I think it does everything it claims and it’s extremely satisfying to peel off. I can’t believe that this only costs 99p, I’ve tested more expensive masks that aren’t as good as this one! I will be picking up more of these.

If you’d like to purchase this mask then you can do so by popping into your local Superdrug, alternatively you can get it online here (as of 16/02/18, it’s still on a buy one, get one half price, deal).

So this brings us to the end of this review on the Superdrug ‘Tea Tree Purifying Peel Off Mask’, I really hope that you enjoyed it! If you did enjoy reading, then please give this post a quick like, I’d appreciate it. Additionally, be sure to follow my blog if you think that it’s something that you’d like to read in the future – I post twice a week. I have some more posts about Superdrug’s own brand skincare coming up soon.


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  1. Literally craving one of these now haha!

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    1. multibendybeauty says:

      Get on it gal! Xx

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  2. It looks wonderful! Superdrug own brand is cruelty-free and vegan, and I absolutely love their beauty and makeup products!

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    1. multibendybeauty says:

      I’m so happy that they’re cruelty free and they’re so affordable! Xx

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