Kiko Milano ‘Velvet Matte Passion Lipstick’ Review

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I’m currently still volunteering at Isle of Wight festival, so I’m sorry if these posts have been a little different (e.g. if I haven’t been replying to comments). I’m on my way back tomorrow so I’ll be catching up on everything that’s been going on soon. Regardless, I really hope that you enjoy this review!

A while ago now I posted a picture of a Kiko Milano bag on my Instagram after going into their store in Bath and purchasing some items. Since I first tried the products, I’ve been meaning to review them but new launches meant that I kept pushing the reviews back – until now!

As you can see from the title, today I’ll be reviewing the Kiko Milano ‘Velvet Matte Passion Lipstick’. I picked up two of these these up for their retail price of £6.90 in person at the Kiko store. I chose the shades ‘323 Imperial Blu’ and ‘317 Wine’. I chose ‘317 Wine’ because it looked like the kind of redish pink shade that I’d get a lot of use out of, and I chose the blue one as I don’t own any blue lipsticks and really wanted to try something different.


In terms of the packaging, I can’t say that the box is the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen. Black boxes are pretty common, but they do look sleek and at the end of the day they’re only there to protect the product inside. However, I do keep the boxes that I really like, and I can’t say that I kept any of the Kiko ones (they’re all like this).

The actual lipstick component, on the other hand, is something that I haven’t seen before. The lid is a steel grey colour with the brand name on it, and covers almost the entire tube, leaving part of the main lipstick component free. Under this, the lipstick component is copper, with a similar grey colour at the top. I believe the packaging is a form of metal, as it’s quite heavy compared to other lipsticks that I have, and its usually cold to the touch.

I think the part of the lipstick packaging that I was most excited for (I’m pretty sure I actually made a noise when I realised this) is that it’s magnetic! I don’t own any lipsticks that have magnets to keep the lid on and it’s fantastic. This means that the lid will never fall off, and it just generally feels luxurious.

Overall, I’m not the biggest fan of the outer box, but I adore the packaging of the actual lipstick.

‘323 Imperial Blu’

You can see what I was explaining about the lipstick tube in this photo. Another cool thing is that the lipstick itself has a kind of geometric shape at the top – again something that I haven’t seen in a lipstick before. It also has the Kiko logo engraved in it.

As I said, this is the first time I’ve owned a blue lipstick, or really any kind of cool alternative lipstick colour. I honestly really love it and think it’s a super cool colour. Although I’ve only worn it properly once, I think it’s awesome and I’ll definitely be reaching for it again in the future. This isn’t an every day colour for me, but is great for when I’m feeling bold.

The only issue that I have with this lipstick is that it really needs a lip liner. It’s extremely difficult to get a crisp line around the outside of your lips. However, Kiko don’t actually stock a blue lip liner, or any liner even close to this colour. I find it a little strange that a brand would make this kind of colour and not make a liner to go with it. Colours like this tend to need a liner and I’d really appreciate it if Kiko would bring one out!

If you would like to pick up this lipstick then you can do so on the Kiko website here.

‘317 Wine’

This is definitely a more traditionally ‘me’ shade. I tend to reach for nude pinks, medium pinks, berries, and reds, a lot. I picked this one up because I wanted more of an everyday colour that I knew I’d get use out of (especially if I didn’t like the blue on me).

The formula on these is pretty creamy going on and very pigmented but it does dry down to a matte. They aren’t hugely long-wearing and aren’t completely transfer proof, but they hold up pretty well.

I adore this colour and have worn it a few times. Again, I find this formula needs a lip liner, so I did go back to Kiko and pick up some liners that I thought would work with this shade and some of my other lipsticks.

If you think this shade is for you, then you can purchase it through the Kiko website here.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I really like these lipsticks and definitely will be reaching for them a lot. I kind of can’t believe that they were only £6.90. They look, and feel much more expensive, and I think they’re 100% worth this price. I’m definitely going to check out some of the other shades they stock and get some more. If you are going to pick any of these up however, I would recommend getting a lip liner too – their lip liners are also fantastic (I have a couple of the ‘Creamy Colour Comfort Lip Liners’). Be sure to check that they actually do have a lip liner close in colour to the shade you’re looking at though! I’d recommend heading into a Kiko store if you have one near you if you’re unsure on which liner will match which lipstick.

There are 28 shades of this lipstick, if you’d like to check out the full shade range then you can do so here.

Okay I think that’s it from me and we have now reached the end of this review. I hope that you enjoyed reading my thoughts on these Kiko Milano ‘Velvet Matte Passion Lipsticks’. If you did enjoy this review then, as always, please give this post a quick like – I appreciate every single one that I get and it helps me know what posts you enjoy reading. Finally, if you do like reading beauty reviews and the occasional lifestyle post related to beauty, then please follow my blog – I post twice a week!


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  1. katedaysaweek says:

    I agree, the packaging is really nice. The wine shade looks amazing on you.
    Hope you’ve enjoyed the festival!


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    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      Sorry, I was still away at Isle of Wight festival! Thank you so much, definitely had good and bad parts but overall was pretty good. I hope you had a good week ❤️

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