ESQIDO ‘Gel Eyeliner Pencil’ Review

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Over a month ago now I posted my review of some lashes, and eyelash glue, from a brand called ESQIDO. After my review, I received another email from the brand asking if I would like to try their gel eyeliner pencils. I, of course, accepted and am very grateful that the brand decided to send me more products, I didn’t expect it at all and we all know that I love eyeliner so I was excited to give these a go.

As I said in my last post, and as always, just because I was sent these for free does not mean that I’m obligated to give a positive review, nor will I give a positive review if I don’t like the products. However, if I do like them then of course I will say!

These eyeliner pencils retail for $16.00 (just over £12.00), but are currently (as of 21/09/2018) on sale for $12.00 (just over £9.00).

In my first review of ESQIDO I gave a quick background on who they are, and I’ll be doing this again (this will just be copied and pasted from the first review so if you read that one then feel free to skip past this next part).

Who are ESQIDO?

ESQIDO are an online company who sell various eye products. They have two different forms of eyelashes for sale: mink, and ‘unisyn’. Whilst there is a debate about whether mink eyelashes are ‘cruel’, I chose to receive some of their synthetic lashes last time as I felt more comfortable with this option. The lashes I received, and spoke about, in my previous review were from their ‘unisyn’ range which are described as ‘the world’s first true premium synthetic false eyelashes, made with a blend of ultra-fine synthetic fibres for an ultra-natural look’.

Within both of these lash categories they have a variety of different lash looks ranging from more natural to dramatic. As well as this they sell a ‘companion eyelash glue’ which is specially designed to work in conjunction with their lashes, and the company also kindly sent me. To finish your eye look, they have ‘gel eyeliner pencils’ in black or brown which I will be reviewing today.

On their Facebook page they state:

‘We believe there’s an artist in everyone. We design innovative products for those who aspire to be more, to unleash the full potential of their creativity.’


These liners each come in their own white box with the brand and product name printed on in gold. They also have little dots near the end of the box showing what colour the product inside is, along with the colour name.

Inside the box are the eyeliners, also packaged in white with the brand name printed on. They each have a small band near the bottom where you can see the colour of the product.

This packaging is very similar to the packaging of the eyelash glue and the eyelashes. Which, as I said in that review, I really like. Not only do I think that the white packaging and gold lettering is very sleek, but despite being minimalistic I find this packaging easy to find in my drawers. I love white and gold together and honestly I could sing the praises of this packaging all day long. I also like that the packaging of all the products is similar as it makes it easy to tell that they all come from the same brand.

In terms of the actual pencil’s packaging, a lot of attention to detail has gone into the design. Firstly, where the cap is put on there is a small rubber ring which holds the cap on. According to their website this creates an airtight seal. Whilst I can’t comment on that, I do know that I haven’t had a product that has this band on it before and it is so, so, so useful. The cap never comes off or gets lose so you’re confident that the product isn’t going to get everywhere because of the cap falling off in your bag.

The product twists up, which I do like. However, although the twist feature is easier, I find with pencils that you’re just twisting up blunt products. However, ESQIDO liners have a sharpener in the base that you can pop out to sharpen up your liner, I’ll comment more on the effectiveness of this later.


On the ESQIDO website, the product has the following claims:

Key Benefits

All day wear, pigmented formula, continuous even flow that covers in one perfect coat, dries matte, retractable and sharpenable gel pen, pairs well with any makeup look.

Safe Formulation

5-free and latex-free. Formulated WITHOUT formaldehyde, parabens, sulfates, or phthalates. Fragrance free. Suitable for sensitive eyes.’

First Impressions and Review

When I saw the swatches online I didn’t think the black looked as pitch black as I had expected it to, however when I got the pencils in person and swatched them, the black is actually really dark.

My first impressions of these pencils were that they were extremely pigmented and glide on easily. They actually remind me a lot of the formula of the Marc Jacobs Highliner pencils, which are almost $10 more expensive (review of those here).

The only thing with these pencils is that I tend to wear winged liner a lot and wouldn’t want to use these for that purpose as they aren’t as sharp as I would typically like my liner to be. So, I decided that I’d start playing around with them in my water line. I haven’t worn pencil in my water line for a very long time (mostly because when I used to I would buy those really cheap sharpenable pencils that scratch the hell out of your eye). I also have never owned a brown pencil.

Recently, with my boyfriend being in hospital a lot, and me just generally not feeling fantastic, I haven’t been doing my classic winged liner very often. However, I still want to wear makeup to make myself feel slightly less useless. This is where these pencils have been coming in handy.

The above picture is what I’ve been wearing pretty frequently at the moment. I’ve been using a little bit of contour as eyeshadow, throwing on some mascara, putting a little bit of liner in my bottom water line, and calling it a day. It makes me feel put together without having to put loads of effort in.

These liners are super pigmented, you don’t have to work at all to get colour payoff, and they last all day. I really like using the brown one and have actually been reaching for that one more than the black (I know, for me that’s a shocker). The brown is much softer than the black and creates depth without taking it too far.

I really like these liners and think you can use them in a lot of different ways. If you rub them before they fully dry down, you can smoke them out, so would make a lovely smokey eyeliner effect. I’ve also used the brown very lightly in my brows on occasion in a couple of areas that refused to build to the colour I wanted them to.

The only issue I have with these liners is that they don’t stay very sharp. I don’t find the built in sharpener to be really effective. This isn’t an issue as I’m just putting it in my water liner, but it may cause you some problems if you’d like to use it in a more precise way (but you could just sharpen it with a regular sharpener). If you don’t mind it not being super sharp then it’d be perfect for you as it twists up to reveal product, so you wouldn’t need a sharpener at all.

Overall, I really love these eyeliners. They’re great quality, easy to use, super pigmented, and have allowed me to create cute natural eye makeup looks without loads of effort (although you could use them to make more impactful makeup looks too), plus the packaging is gorgeous. I’d highly recommend these and I think the price is great. If you’re looking for a new eyeliner like this then I’d chose these (or if you’re looking for a dupe for the Marc Jacobs Highliner, in a natural colour).

If you’d like to purchase either of these eyeliners then you can do so through the following link: ESQIDO Gel Eyeliner Pencil.

This then brings us to the end of this review. As always, I really hope that you enjoyed reading and if you did then please give this review a like. I’d absolutely love to hear your thoughts on these eyeliners so leave a comment below! If you aren’t already, make sure you follow my blog to stay up to date with when I’m posting – I’m really close to hitting my follower goal on my blog for this year.


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  1. Joy says:

    Very nice review, I really like the packaging, it’s pretty and if it’s a good dupe for Marc Jacobs’s eyeliner, I’ll definitely try them out cause I really love Marc Jacobs’s highliners!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      The packaging is gorgeous! I think they’re just as creamy and pigmented as the Marc Jacobs highliners. I only have the highliners in pinks so I would reach for these more x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. this is such a good post and you’re so pretty! btw I’m new to blogging and I’d really appreciate if you’d check out my blog, much love!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      Awh thank you that’s sweet of you to say! I’ll follow your blog now ❤️


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