Juvia’s Place ‘Mini Magic Palette’ Swatches & Review

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As you can tell from the title, today’s review will be of another Juvia’s Place palette. Quite a while ago now I reviewed the ‘Mini Masquerade Palette’ and I loved that palette so much that I asked for another palette from Juvia’s Place for Christmas.

This 16 shade palette costs £30.00 from Beauty Bay and was bought by my brother as a Christmas present for me.

I’m going to jump straight into this review and talk about the packaging. However, if you’ve seen Juvia’s place palettes before, their palettes are pretty similar in their design.


Every Juvia’s Place palette has visual imagery of Queen Nefertiti which, as someone who’s really really interested in ancient Egypt, I love.

I actually prefer the outer colour of the palette (the pale pink) as opposed to the hot pink of the ‘Mini Masquerade’ palette. One thing I love is, although the colour of the palette is quite light, it has a coating meaning that dirt wipes off of it, so you don’t need to worry about this beautiful baby pink getting ruined.

Overall, I have nothing bad to say about this palette (apart from that I don’t really like the yellow interior). You get a lot of shades, the packaging is beautiful, and the palette is pretty large meaning you get a lot of product for your money.


Moving onto what shades you get, from left to right, top to bottom in the palette we have:

  • Nubia – Yellow gold (shimmer)
  • Zakiya – Orange-toned red (matte)
  • Osun – Pale pink (shimmer)
  • Kesi – Beige (matte)
  • Zuba – Medium pink (shimmer)
  • Nana – Orange-toned brown (matte)
  • Boronu – Bronze gold (shimmer)
  • Kogi – Red (matte)
  • Faso – Lilac (duochrome shimmer)
  • Aja – Khaki green (shimmer)
  • Vai – Dark grey (shimmer)
  • Yemoja – Light grey (shimmer)
  • Ife – Deep purple (matte)
  • Yara – Turquoise (shimmer)
  • Buzo – Green (shimmer)
  • Yejide – Navy (matte)

So as you can see, there’s a fair amount of shimmers. Of the 16 shades, 10 are shimmers and only 6 are mattes. I’ll get into whether or not I think this is a bad thing towards the end but it’s just something to bear in mind as it’s sometimes difficult to see which shades are matte and which are shimmer by just looking at photos. For example, based on the photos on Beauty Bay I thought the first shade was a matte yellow when in fact its a yellow-toned gold shimmer.


The photo above shows all of the shadows swatched. I’m aware some are easier to see than others, for example ‘Kesi’ is only slightly darker than my skin tone so is difficult to see, additionally because of the lighting ‘Osun’ and ‘Yemoja’ also are only slightly off from my skin tone. ‘Faso’ is a duochrome which shifts from lilac to light pink, which you can see slightly in the picture if you look towards the left of the swatch where the text is.

Overall, these swatch incredibly. They’re all really pigmented and only need one dip into the pan with a finger or brush to pick up the colour. These swatches were created by putting my finger in the pan once and passing it back and forth once over my arm to even out the colour.

I strangely like that the first and second halves of the palette are quite different from one another. The first two rows are more pink and orange toned whereas the last two rows are much deeper and cooler shades, which centre more around blues and greens. I like the contrast within the palette, I think it’s really interesting and would allow for more looks to be created using the one palette. I also like that this contrast is highlighted with the art in the palette.

In terms of there being a lot of shimmers – I personally don’t think it’s an issue. Some of the shimmer shades aren’t as metallic as others meaning if you blend them through the crease they don’t look shimmery so, in my opinion, you can get away with using some in place of mattes if you wanted.

Eye Looks

If we can just look past the awful lighting in the second eye look’s pictures, that would be great. I decided to use the palette just now as I’m about to go out to a game night and I liked the way it turned out so wanted to include it but it’s winter so the lighting is terrible around now.

Anyway, for the first look I used the following shades from the palette: ‘Yejide’ in the crease blended out then the same shade concentrated in the crease, ‘Zuba’ over 2/3 of the lid (from the outer corner to 1/3 of the way from the inner corner), ‘Faso’ over the inner 1/3 of the lid, ‘Yemoja’ in the very inner corner to highlight, then ‘Kogi’ on the lower lash line.

Typically I don’t use just one palette to create eye looks, I tend to jump around a little, but I told myself that I would create a look using only this palette to really see how some of the shades go together and perform. This was also my first time doing a full cut crease so please excuse that it looks a bit awkward! Overall I think these shades worked really well together (pink and blue always does) and I love how it turned out. They are really easy to blend, didn’t stick in any weird spots, and were super pigmented. The shimmers don’t pick up that well on camera but the pink is much more metallic than it seems (it may also look less so because I was originally going to keep the cut crease a beige shade but, after adding shadow, decided I wanted the pink).

The second look, as I’ve already said I randomly decided to do just now. I wanted to do something easier and only use one shade to see how it survives on its own. I chose to use ‘Nana’ all over the lid, and through the crease, blending up towards my brow and outwards. Although I only used one shade it can be built up, and blends out nicely, which is why my lid looks quite a bit darker than the rest of the look. I also decided I wanted to give a more interesting inner corner highlight so chose to use ‘Faso’ again.

As you can see, the duochrome shade ‘Faso’ looks pretty different in each photo. Since it shifts from lilac to pink, in the cut crease photo it almost blends into the pink shade and you can only see it on the very inner portion of the eye. However, in the orange eye look, you can really see how lilac it is and it doesn’t really look pink at all.

Personally, I really love the duochrome shade the most I think. Usually I’m not really the biggest fan of them but this shade is really flattering and both of the colours it gives off are beautiful (sometimes I find the shift can be a bit ugly). My eye keeps getting drawn to it in the palette and I will definitely be using it in a lot of looks!

Final Thoughts

Although I loved the ‘Mini Masquerade Palette’ that didn’t necessarily mean that I’d love this palette. After all, brands sometimes aren’t consistent between products. However, this palette didn’t let me down at all and I absolutely love it. I think it’s a super versatile palette which you would be able to create a lot of looks with – whether you like more pink eye looks, or darker more vampy ones (I will definitely be creating a darker look with this).

The quality of the shadows is incredible and I think it’s 100% worth the price. I love all of the shades in this palette and think it is great on its own but also compliments the ‘Mini Masquerade Palette’ well (for example there are also blue shades in the Masquerade palette).

The only thing that I would say to be careful with is, if you’re pale like me then make sure you don’t pick up too much pigment on a brush. Since the palettes are designed and created by a woman of colour (the incredible
Chichi Eburu) every shade is super bright and packs a major punch in terms of pigmentation. Therefore, go easy with it, it’s easy to build colour but it’s difficult to take it away!

You know a palette is good when my negative point isn’t even a negative!

Honestly there’s nothing bad I can say about this palette and there’s not one shade in the palette that isn’t incredible. If I were stuck on an island and could only pick one eyeshadow palette (this is a weird type of being stranded where you’d choose to take eyeshadow) then I’d almost certainly take this palette.

If you’d like to purchase this palette, then you can do so through Beauty Bay here, or if you’d like to check out what else Juvia’s Place sells then you can find the rest of the brand’s products here. Furthermore, if you aren’t in the UK then you can purchase directly through their website (they also have more products on their website than on Beauty Bay).

So this brings us to the end of this review, I really hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing about this palette (I actually love writing about eyeshadow palettes)! If you did enjoy it then please give this review a like. Also make sure you follow my blog if you aren’t already! I’m a cruelty free beauty and lifestyle blogger and post twice a week.



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11 Comments Add yours

  1. Connie Ferris says:

    Those eye looks you created are beautiful, I wish I was that good at applying eye shadow!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      Awh thank you so much! It takes a lot of patience and practice! It’s frustrating sometimes xx


  2. Kate says:

    I also bought (and reviewed) this palette a couple of months ago and I absolutely love it as well. As you say, the warm/cool tone mix makes it super versatile and I keep going back to it!
    I like the looks that you created with it 🙂

    Kate | https://katedaysaweek.be

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      I can’t wait to try more products from Juvia’s Place, the two palettes I now have are incredible! I’m definitely going to be playing around with this one more to see what I can come up with xx


  3. Melina Elisa says:

    You know what’s funny? When I saw this palette, I never thought of creating an eye like the one you made. It looks so beautiful! Great review 🙂 xxx

    Melina | http://www.melinaelisa.com

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      Awh thank you so much! That’s what I love about this palette, you can create so many different looks with it xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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  5. Sierra says:

    I love the color story for this palette

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      Me too, it’s so beautiful isn’t it! I love how versatile the palette is xx

      Liked by 1 person

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