Bath Bombs for the Shower? – Lush ‘Karma’ Shower Bomb Review

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As you can see from the title, today we’re going to be taking bath bombs into the shower. This is a concept that I hadn’t heard of before Lush announced their shower bombs, and I was super curious to see how it worked and how it matched up to a regular bath bomb.

Now I LOVE bath bombs, my wardrobe is practically full of them. However, I don’t always have the time or patience to have a bath. It takes ages to run, and I never really know what to do once I’m in the bath. I tend to save them for special occasions or when I want to pamper myself that little extra. Since I tend to favour showering over bathing, I’m always looking for products that are more exciting to use in the shower. Usually I gravitate towards scrubs but these shower bombs really caught my eye and I knew I had to have one!

There are four different shower bombs available and they retail for £2.75 each.

The options are:

  • ‘Karma’
    • Main ingredients: patchouli oil, turmeric powder, and pine oil.
  • ‘Koyaanisqatsi’
    • Main ingredients: ylang ylang oil, lavender absolute, violet leaf absolute, and vanilla absolute.
  • ‘Sleepy’
    • Main ingredients: lavender oil, fine oatmeal, benzoin resinoid, and tonka absolute.
  • ‘Not Sleepy’
    • Main ingredients: neroli oil, ground white rise, and Sicilian lemon oil.

As you can tell from the title, I chose the ‘Karma’ one so this is the one that we’ll be discussing in more depth today.

How to Use

The way I’d describe how to use these is like a cross between a bath bomb and a shower gel (which I guess is what they are).

To use these you hold it under your running shower water then scoop the foam and use this on your body. Personally I ended up doing a combination of that and just rubbing the shower bomb itself on my skin. Both worked in a similar way.

Product Design

This particular shower bomb is an orangey-yellow colour (probably due to the turmeric) and comes as a pyramid shape. I’d say in terms of size it’s pretty perfect. It (of course) isn’t as large as traditional Lush bath bomb, and is around a 3rd of a palm in size (it can sit in the middle of your palm with no problems).

It’s not the most exciting product I’ve ever seen but, then again, usually bath bombs aren’t super exciting to look at.

Here’s a what the other shower bombs look like:

  • Koyaanisqatsi – blue and shaped like a spinning top
  • Sleepy – white and shaped like a cloud
  • Not Sleepy – yellow and shaped like a fruit juicer (or a cone with ridges)

I’d say it’s only this one and the ‘Not Sleepy’ one that are more ‘ordinary’, I like the designs of ‘Koyaanisqatsi’ and ‘Sleepy’. I also think that ‘Karma’ and ‘Not Sleepy’ could be hard to distinguish if someone didn’t know what they’re looking for since they’re both a similar shape and colour.

My Experience and Thoughts

It actually took me quite a while to get around to using this. I was pretty nervous and unsure how to use it (even though the instructions are clear). I wasn’t sure whether, like a bath bomb, it would fizz quickly meaning you’d need to work quickly but this isn’t the case. I brought the paper bag that it came in into the shower with me and would use a bit of it then place it on the paper bag, then pick it back up and use some more, and it didn’t melt away whilst it was sitting on the side.

One thing I did note is that there wasn’t much of the foam that was shown in the videos. I found it to be more like a paste and it did feel a little powdery but I didn’t really mind as it just meant it was more exfoliating on my skin. It was also very yellow on my skin, and the bath, as I was using it. Since it does contain turmeric (which stains) I was quick to wash this off of the bath and surrounding area. I didn’t notice any staining on my skin, which is good.

I can’t pinpoint exactly what this one smells like. I think I bought it because it smelt slightly like citrus but it didn’t smell like this once I was in the shower with it. It was still pleasant, it’s just hard to describe exactly what it smells like.

Something to be mindful of with this shower bomb is that it makes the floor very slippery, so be careful when you’re washing it off of yourself. This doesn’t last very long, I only found it was slippery when I was washing it off but by the time I’d finished getting it off, the bath wasn’t anywhere near as slippy anymore. However, just bear this in mind and please be careful.

As with the normal bath bombs (unless you saw it in half – which I’ve done before), you only get one use out of it. However, for £2.75 vs. the average price of £4.21 per bath bomb (as of 05/02/2018 based on adding the price of all the current stocked bath bombs on their website and dividing by how many are) I think it’s a really good price. Of course, again as with bath bombs, this is more of luxury product and isn’t going to be something that you use every time you shower – unless you want to, you do you.

I would definitely buy this again, and I might try some of the other ones. It’s something that I would get more use out of than a bath bomb, and it’s more affordable. I think this are a fantastic addition to Lush! A lot of people either don’t take baths or don’t have baths, and this brings the bath to the shower so you can still experience some of what a bath bomb brings without actually having a bath. I’d definitely recommend trying these if you’re curious!

You can find all of the shower bombs available on Lush’s website here.

So this is the end of this review. I really hope you enjoyed reading it, if you did then please give this review a like. Also please let me know in the comments if you’ve tried these before or what you think about them! Finally, please follow my blog if you aren’t already. I’m a cruelty free beauty and lifestyle blogger and I post at least twice a week!


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  1. GemmaEtc says:

    I’ve been looking into shower bombs for a while now, I had no idea LUSH had some! I definitely need to try some now xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

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    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      Do you know what other brands do them? I’ve never seen one before, lush only brought theirs out halfway through last year xxx


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