Kiss Lash Couture Faux Mink Eyelashes Review

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Today’s review is going to be another false eyelash one! I’ll be looking at a brand that I’ve reviewed on my blog before: Kiss.

Quite a long time ago now I was kindly gifted some Kiss lashes and nails from Alex Silver PR. I’ve already reviewed the nails but, despite using the lashes all of the time, it’s taken me a small age to get around to the lashes.

If you follow my Instagram (you definitely should), then you would have already seen me wearing both of the pairs of lashes that I’m going to be talking about today.

The lashes I’ll be talking about today are:

  • Lash Couture Faux Mink Eyelashes in ‘Pitch’ – £7.99
  • Lash Couture Faux Mink Eyelashes in ‘Little Black Dress’ – £7.99

As always, although I’ve been sent these lashes, I will still be honest about what I think about them – if I like then I’ll tell you, if I don’t like them you’ll know that too!

**All links to Boots, and Superdrug, are affiliate links which means I will earn a small commission should you click through and/or purchase through the link – this is with no extra charge to you**


In case you can’t see the text in the picture, the lashes on the left are the ‘Little Black Dress’ ones, and the lashes on the right are ‘Pitch’.

As shown in the photo above, the lashes come in white cardboard packaging with the brand name in the top left in red, and the product name in the centre. There’s also a stamp on the ‘Little Black Dress’ one saying that they were awarded the Allure ‘Best of Beauty’ accolade in 2017.

The lower portion of the packaging is plastic which you can see the lashes through. This actually comes out when you open it as it covers the lashes.

Overall I think the packaging is pretty nice, I like the colour scheme with the white and red. I can’t say it’s the best packaging I’ve ever seen but it is quite nice and I’ve found it easy to find the lashes in my collection. I do wish there was something to protect the lashes better with though as I find these last ages (I’ll get into that more later in the review).


As you may be able to see in the picture, these lashes are slightly thicker than ‘Little Black Dress’. They’re more dense and have more lashes in them whereas the eyelashes in ‘Little Black Dress’ are more spread out.

I do find that I don’t reach for these as often as the ‘Little Black Dress’ ones just because I personally prefer a more fanned out lash. I tend to wear fake lashes when I’ve done a more extravagant eye look and I find thicker lashes obscure the eye look more.

Whilst this one is still wispy on the ends, it’s quite a lot thicker and has more volume than ‘Little Black Dress’ so I find if I’m looking head-on it covers up more of my lid than the other style.

I do still like this style I just don’t reach for it as much as ‘Little Black Dress’ I tend to save this lash for when I’m doing super dramatic looks which a heavier lash would suit.

If you’d like to try this style then you can get it from Boots for £7.99 here. For some reason I can’t find it anywhere else.

‘Little Black Dress’

As I’ve already mentioned, these lashes are much more wispy than the ‘pitch’ ones.

I do definitely prefer these and am getting A LOT of use out of them. I’ve probably used these around 5 times, maybe more, and they’re still fine. Honestly I wouldn’t say I take the best care of my lashes, I do put them back into their box to keep their shape and keep them safe but I never really remove the glue very well. Despite my terrible care of them, they’re still doing really well.

I’m not sure how many more uses I’ll get out of these but they don’t seem like they’re going to need to be disposed of anytime soon.

If you’d like to try this style then you can get it from Boots here for £7.99, or from Superdrug here (these ones are currently on sale, as of 10/02/19, for £5.32).

Final Thoughts

I really love these Kiss Lashes. They’re super easy to use, the band is really thin and bendable. I find the band is also a really good shape meaning that it sits nicely on the eye. They’re not uncomfortable to wear at all and I forget I’m wearing them a lot of the time because of how light weight they are. The inner corner also doesn’t try to fly off into space which is good. Of course, you can tell that I like the style ‘Little Black Dress’ more than ‘Pitch’ but honestly I like both of them and ‘Pitch’ being more dense doesn’t make it more uncomfortable, or heavier, than the other.

I’d definitely recommend trying these if you enjoy wearing fake lashes, I think £7.99 is a good price based on how many uses I’ve been getting out of them. One thing to note is that these do not come with glue so you will need to purchase a separate lash glue if you don’t already have one.

If you’d like to see what other Kiss Lash styles are available then you can find this on Boots here, and Superdrug here. For some reason, the couture lashes aren’t listed in the same place on the Boots website so you can find other collections through the link above, and you can find some of the couture lashes here.

Okay so this is now the end of this review, I hope you enjoyed reading it! I have some more eyelash reviews coming soon so keep a look out for that if false eyelashes are your thing (or if you’re interested in them). Also please leave a quick like if you did enjoy this review. Finally, please follow my blog if you aren’t already – you can follow either with a WordPress account or via email. I post cruelty free beauty and lifestyle content and post at least twice a week.


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