Halloween All Year Round? – Geeky Wax Melts Review

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Today’s post is going to be another one talking about a small brand called Geeky Melts. We all know that I love candles but I’ve also been using wax melts a lot more. Wax melts are something that were pretty unknown to me until towards the end of last year. Some of the products that I have in this post I can’t actually find on the Geeky Melts Etsy any more but they have many similar products so I don’t think it matters too much! I was sent these products for free by the brand to review, however I’m not obligated to say anything so all of the thoughts throughout this post are my own and I’ll be 100% honest about what I think – as always. Before I talk about what I think of these items, I’m going to go through a bit about who Geeky Melts are.

Who are Geeky Melts?

The following description is taken from the Geeky Melts Etsy page:

‘Geeky Melts is the brain child of Laura (me) – an all round geek, zombie enthusiast and cat lady. Geeky Melts are made from biodegradable soy wax and high quality vegan fragrance oil. Only biodegradable glitter is used so my sparkles are guilt free. Most of Geeky Melts wax packaging is plastic free and compostable, and whenever possible I reuse postal materials too. I am a stay at home mum and I fit my wax making around my two year old. I try to process all orders as quickly as possible but please allow 3-5 days for me to hand pour your wax.’

On the website there are a fair few different products on offer with prices varying from £1.60 to £10.00. Typically the products are sold as individual items, or in small groups of similar items, however there is an option to purchase a mystery wax melt box (which is the product that costs £10.00). The products have geeky themes (as expected) – currently on sale are products inspired by Dr. Who, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Lego, and Harry Potter as well as more general themed products for Easter.

The products I received

The first photo shows all of the products I received together, along with some of the packaging. The first collection and the tombstone of from the third picture I can’t currently find on the Etsy shop. However, the skulls and the large brain are both still for sale. In each pot you receive roughly 10 of the small skulls for £2.00. The brain comes as an individual and is also £2.00. When I received these I wasn’t informed about what scents they came in and honestly it’s really hard for me to guess. I believe, based on the descriptions on the Etsy site, that the brain is the ‘Sea Witch’ brain which is described as:

‘Seashells and Bergamot – A fresh, seaside ozonic scent, with bergamot, lemon and juniper on top of violets, jasmine and amber. Fresh and invigorating.’

However, I have absolutely no idea for the skulls and can’t remember exactly how they smell. Each product comes in a small plastic tub (it’s biodegradable) with tissue paper to cushion it. The glitter used on the products is also biodegradable.

My Thoughts

Firstly, I think the way these look is super cool. I’m pretty geeky myself, so I think these wax melts are awesome. Also, the prices blow me away, they’re so incredible affordable! The wax melts in the second and third pictures above smell really good (it’s hard to describe how they smell, but I like it) and I really enjoyed them. However, I don’t personally like the scent of the brain and I probably won’t use it. Of course, this is because I didn’t get to choose the scents, but I think the description online of what each product smells like is accurate so if you like the sound of one then you’re probably going to like it when it arrives!

My only other issue is that my wax burner needs more than the recommended ‘one or two’ of the small skulls. One definitely wouldn’t be enough but personally, because they’re quite small, I’d use three or probably even four. The ones in the second picture, whilst being similar in size, are thinner so I’d require even more. However, for the price I don’t necessarily think this is a deal breaker! If you bought the small skulls and used three in each burn then you’d get three uses for £2.00 which is a pretty good deal if you ask me.

Overall, I really like these and I think they’d make a really cool gift to anyone you know who likes geeky things but also enjoys candles (honestly who doesn’t like candles). I find these to be less hassle than a candle as you don’t have to deal with it tunneling or blowing out and I find that they not only last longer overall, but have a stronger scent than with a candle. For such an affordable price you can’t really go wrong! If you’d like to check out Geeky Melts then you can do so on Etsy here. So this brings us to the end of this review – I hope that you enjoyed reading it and if you did then please be sure to give this post a like! Also make sure that you follow my blog if you aren’t already doing so.


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