Yes To ‘Grapefruit Vitamin C Glow Boosting Unicorn Peel Off Mask’ Review

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Today’s post is a super exciting one as I’ll be reviewing a new product from Yes To. This one is from their Unicorn range which launched last week.

We all know I love face masks so I was very glad a mask was part of this collection! I was sent this product for free by the brand, however I will still be completely honest in my review as always!

I was sent the single use packet for this mask which retails for £4.00 on Beauty Bay and £3.99 on Look Fantastic. However, you can also buy a larger tube of the product which has an attached applicator for £11.99 from Look Fantastic.

So, let’s jump straight into this review!


As with many single-use face masks, the mask comes in a plastic packet where you tear off the top to use the product.

The packet is a iridescent pink shade with the branding printed over a white band near the top, and the remaining product information printed below. There is also information about the weight of the product and a digital illustration of a woman applying the mask.

Overall I think this packaging is really cute. I’ve used a fair amount of single use masks before and, whilst they all come in this kind of way, the design varies a lot. The design on this is really nice and definitely on brand for the unicorn theme. I also like that the package is tear-drop shaped, as it’s something a little different.

Claims & Directions

On the Beauty Bay website the product has the following description:

‘A brightening mask for dull and uneven skin. Turn your skincare fantasies into reality. Iridescent pink and infused with grapefruit, Grapefruit Vitamin C Glow Boosting Unicorn Peel-Off Mask dries quickly and peels off to reveal a visibly smoother, more radiant complexion.’

Additionally, on the Look Fantastic website, the product is described with the following passage:

‘Peel away pore-clogging impurities that supress skin’s natural radiance with Yes To’s Grapefruit Vitamin C Glow Boosting Unicorn Peel-Off Mask; a brightening facial treatment brimming with antioxidant powers, that visibly brightens and evens skin tone to reveal a luminous complexion. Forming a ‘second-skin’ layer that dries in minutes, the mask feeds nourishment into skin, locking in the brightening and glow-boosting properties of zesty Grapefruit and Vitamin C. In as little as 10 minutes, dull, lacklustre skin transforms into a smooth, even-toned and radiant complexion that boasts a renewed brilliance.’

The directions for the product, taken from the Beauty Bay website, are:

‘Smooth an even layer over clean skin, avoiding the eyes, hairline and brows. Build up an edge around the mask. Relax for at least 8-10 minutes, or until the mask is dry. Lift edges and start peeling. Rinse off any remaining pieces and moisturise.’


Firstly, I just want to say that this was super easy to open. Sometimes masks like this can be really difficult to rip open (I’ve had ones where I had to find some scissors because they were so tough), so I’m always a little nervous to try out a new one but this was absolutely fine.

When I first opened I was blown away by how it smells, it has a really refreshing citrus smell and you can definitely tell that it’s grapefruit.

It was also a really cool colour – a whiteish shade with a pink iridescent shift. I forgot to use my own applicator so I applied it with my fingers but I’d really recommend using the applicator (I like that the large tube comes with it’s own) as it is quite messy and sticky. However, despite the slight mess I always get myself into when applying masks with my hands, it applied easily.

Unlike other single use masks I’ve tried, you don’t have a load of leftover product in the packet once you’ve finished applying it. You definitely need all of the product from the packet. I like this as it means there isn’t a bunch of wasted product.

I always find with peel off masks that they just don’t seem to fully dry on me and this was the same. I’m not sure whether it’s because I’m always cold and my lizard flesh doesn’t allow it to dry, but on one cheek especially, it didn’t dry at all. I waited well over the 10 minutes (as I always tend to). It did peel off well apart from in those spots.

It said to remove any leftover bits with water but honestly this was quite challenging. I’d definitely recommend using a wet face cloth to remove any leftover product, because I tried just with water and my hands and it was a bit of a struggle – I think with a cloth it would be much easier.

Whilst the mask is on, it feels really cooling and that fresh, cool, feel remains after it’s been removed. After I’d got it off, my skin felt really soft and hydrated. The grapefruit smell also remained for quite a while after I’d removed the mask. Typically when I use masks the scent of them goes once they’ve been removed so I’m actually really happy that the smell of this one stays.

Overall, I think this mask is great and I’d definitely use it again. I think £4.00 is a fair price for what it is. Personally, I would purchase the larger tube since you’ll get more uses out of it, and it has its own applicator, therefore it’s better value overall. When I get more money I’ll definitely buy the large tube of this mask as I absolutely love the smell of it and the way it made my skin feel. It’s one of the best masks I’ve used for a long time and I’d recommend giving it a go. If you’d like to purchase this mask then you can get the single use one from Beauty Bay here, or Look Fantastic here, or you can grab the larger tube from Look Fantastic here.

Okay so this is the end of this review, I really hope that you enjoyed reading and if you did then I’d really appreciate it if you’d give this review a like! Also please follow my blog if you aren’t already, I post cruelty free beauty reviews as well as the occasional lifestyle post.


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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Lauren Elena says:

    Great review! I need to use masks more to keep my skin looking young! A nice scent would be good too. I’ll have to see if this is sold in the U.S.
    Bummer it didn’t dry on your lizard skin though. 😂


    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      You look perfectly young, silly! I think it is, I can’t remember what website I saw it on but it definitely was in dollars. Hahaha I don’t know whether I did it too thick but in general peel off masks don’t dry properly on my skin


    2. Multibendybeauty says:

      Yes To seems to be available in a lot of places: Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Ulta, Amazon, loads more haha


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