IMAGE Skincare ‘Vital C Hydrating Facial Cleanser’ Review

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I know it’s been a little while since I’ve posted on my blog but I’m trying to get back into it again and post at least once a week before going back up to twice a week. I’m not going to go into detail about why I haven’t been posting, but I did explain a little on my Instagram here if you’re interested.

Today we’re going to be talking about a brand that I’ve only recently been introduced to: IMAGE Skincare.

I was kindly sent this product by Babushka PR after I reached out to them and I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to try this product. As always, just because I’ve been sent it for free, doesn’t mean that I won’t be honest about my experiences with the product.

This cleanser retails for £30.00 for 6 fl oz (or 177ml) of product.


As you can see from the photo above, the product comes in a mostly white bottle with an orange oval taking up part of the bottle where ‘Vital C’ is written. The branding is in grey and silver writing. On the back of the bottle is information about how to use it as well as the ingredients. The bottle is actually matte, it just looks reflective in the photo as there is a plastic sheet over it for protection. Under the grey cap at the top is where the product comes out.

This product has the traditional squeezy kind of dispenser where you need to press the bottle to get the product to come out. When it arrived, I was surprised by the size of the bottle – it’s much bigger than other cleansers I’ve had and is also heavy and feels like good quality.

I was a little concerned that perhaps because the bottle feels so heavy and thick, that it would be difficult to get product out, but it’s actually surprisingly easy. I like that they’ve found a balance between the quality of the bottle and still having easy application.

Overall, I really like this packaging, it’s really sleek and minimalistic but still looks pretty.

Claims & How to Use

The following claims are taken from the IMAGE Skincare website:

‘This creamy cleanser emulsifies makeup and gently removes impurities while nourishing skin with essential antioxidants and vitamins. It infuses skin with high levels of antioxidant vitamin C to brighten as it cleanses.

This creamy cleanser emulsifies makeup and gently removes impurities while nourishing skin with essential antioxidants and vitamins. It infuses skin with high levels of antioxidant vitamin C to brighten as it cleanses.

Physician formulated for:

Redness-prone and sensitive skin Dry, dehydrated skin Sun-damaged or sunburned skin Cleansing post-peel or post-operative skin

Brightens the skin Soothes and reduces irritation Revitalizes skin, improving texture and tone’

On the IMAGE Skincare website, the cleanser has the following passage for how to use it:

‘Apply a liberal amount to entire face. Massage for 1 minute for best results. May be rinsed with cool water, or tissued off dry skin. Use morning and evening.’


I’ve used this cleanser a fair amount of times now so am ready to share my thoughts on it.

Firstly, it does say to use both morning and night but I tend to do my main skincare routine at night and then just apply moisturiser in the morning. So, I have been using this only once a day rather than the twice that is advised.

The first time I used this I decided to apply it and then rinse it off with water. However, because I’m lazy (just being honest), since then I’ve been either tissuing it off, or double cleansing and taking it off with a Nip + Fab cleansing pad. I actually love that you can either wash it off or tissue it off. As I’ve already mentioned, I’m lazy when it comes to washing things off. Since I do my skincare routine at night I’m pretty much always tired and having to use water just seems like an extra effort, especially when no other products in my routine require this. I’ve actually never had a product that says you don’t have to wash it off, so I was really excited to see that was an option!

Can we talk about how this smells, it is INCREDIBLE. You may or may not know, but my favourite scents for skincare products is citrus. Since this is vitamin c it smells exactly as you would imagine – like orange. It is quite a strong smell and it does remain on your skin after you wash it off, but it’s really refreshing and uplifting.

When applying the product it feels super creamy and spreads easily. I find it removes any leftover makeup well (I always go in with a makeup wipe before my skincare routine) without being abrasive like some cleansers can be. Whether I remove it with water, a tissue, or double cleanse, it leaves my skin feeling super soft and amazing. I have dry skin and I always find vitamin c products really help with that, and this is no exception. The first time I used it, I wanted to test it on its own so I didn’t do the rest of my skincare routine. When I woke up in the morning, I didn’t have any dry skin (which I usually would if I didn’t moisturise before bed).

In terms of the claims, I do think that it brightens my skin and makes my complexion look more even. I definitely feel like my skin has been looking better since I started using this product. I sometimes get some texture on my cheeks but this has been improving that and I have almost no texture now. It contains Retinyl palmitate which may be why it improves texture so much. Although it does contain Retinyl palmitate, I don’t find it to be harsh on my skin at all, I actually find it to be the opposite – I find it very soothing.

Overall, I really love this cleanser. I think it lives up to all of its claims and leaves my skin feeling wonderful. Whilst, personally, I think £30.00 is a little on the pricey side, I do think it’s worth that price for the quality of the product and packaging that you get. If you’re looking for a cleanser, and have the money to spend, then I’d definitely recommend this one. Although it says to apply generously, I actually don’t find that I need to use a lot, so I do think it would last quite a while (this would depend on how often you use it, of course).

If you like the sound of this product and would like to read more about it, or purchase it yourself, then you can do so here. Also, if you’d like to view what other products IMAGE Skincare make, then you can here.

Okay so this is now the end of this review, I hope that you enjoyed reading! If you did then please give this review a quick like. Also be sure to follow my blog if you don’t already – I’m a cruelty free beauty and lifestyle blogger.


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