Cupping Therapy?! – Tranquil Beauty Silicon Massage Kit Review

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Firstly I just want to say that I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks! Things have been pretty manic, I had two assignments due on the same day and was really focusing on those.

I’m getting back to posting on Instagram now and will be posting on my blog a lot more frequently – I have quite a backlog of posts to get through!

Today we’re going to be talking about a pretty different product in terms of the types that I tend to review. These are silicon cups by the brand Tranquil Beauty.

The brand kindly reached out to me a while ago now (I’m so sorry for not getting this review out sooner) asking if I’d like to try the product in exchange for a review. I was very intrigued by the product and couldn’t wait to give it a try!

These cups retail for £7.99 on Amazon and come with 2 different sized cups in a pouch.

I couldn’t find much information regarding the actual brand, apart from that they sell these cups, a bath bomb set, a bath pillow, and an in bath mat.

Before I get into my thoughts on the product I’m going to insert information about cupping, how to use the cups, and the claims of the product.

What is Cupping?

The following information has been taken from their Amazon listing

‘Cupping is an ancient Chinese therapy used to effectively treat skin by creating a vacuum that specifically targets problem areas. By stimulating the skin through deep massage treatment, we aim to promote a more efficient drainage system, quickly breaking up and eliminating toxins built up over time. This suction technique benefits for a relaxing detox whilst purifying the skin.’

How to Use

The following passage, from their Amazon product page, describes how to use the product:

‘We wouldn’t want to make removing cellulite anything other than easy peasy. Handy instructions provided will explain how to apply your massage cup. All you will need is a lubricant, although use in the bath or shower will work just fine! A prime example of what can be achieved at home without the need for expensive anti-cellulite treatments.’


The passage above touched on the main claim of the product which is to remove cellulite. I assume because the listing says that they’re a ‘massage kit’, then the product also claims to massage the body during use.

On Instagram, where the brand contacted me, they also stated that the product helps with releasing muscle tension, and smooths and tightens the skin’s appearance.


As you can see from the photos above, the two silicone cups come in a small draw-string bag. The bag is white and has the Transquil Beauty branding with the slogan ‘For Peace of Mind’ written below it. This same branding and slogan is also printed at the bottom of the blue suction cups.

I actually really like this packaging, I think the little bag is really practical and useful to have. I tend to lose things so it’s good for me to have them in the bag. I also really like that there’s branding on the cups themselves. Sometimes brands don’t put the branding on the actual product so if you lose the part with the branding on, then you have no idea what brand it belongs to. So I really like that they have attention to detail and added it to the cups.

I also like that in this set you get two different sizes so you can pick and choose which one would best suit where you’re cupping/what your needs are.

My Thoughts & Experience

Honestly going into using this product I was pretty nervous. I’ve never used a product like this before and I’ve seen all those photos of the bruises that cupping can cause. However, in the instructions for this product it does say to move the cup around and not leave it in one place to avoid bruising and pain, so that made me feel better.

I used a form of gel with this product to begin with since I found that lasted longer on my skin than a moisturiser, but Aloe Vera also works well and I prefer it to the gel I was using. Basically anything that leaves your skin feeling slippery and doesn’t absorb into your skin too quickly, is good to use with these cups.

It takes a bit of getting used to in order to work out how hard to pinch the cups. Everyone is different and the amount of suction will vary from person to person. It does feel a little weird but if it hurts then I’d say then you’ve used too much suction and you should remove it and try pinching the cup slightly less before applying it to your skin.

I use this product on my legs the most but you can use it anywhere on your body. Personally, I’m not sure if I have a lot of cellulite. I don’t really look for it/at it and it doesn’t really bother me since it’s normal. For me, I don’t think I have much of a difference with using this product in terms of how my skin looked. However, it feels really good and I personally use it for massage purposes rather than cellulite – I’d definitely say that it releases muscle tension! Since everyone is different, I’m sure the effects on cellulite will vary from person to person (a lot of the Amazon reviews say it works well for cellulite).

Overall, for the price, I think this product is definitely worth it if you’re interested in cupping therapy and/or are looking for a massaging product! £7.99 for the two cups and the bag is a good deal – the cups are pretty thick and feel like really good quality. If you would like to purchase this item then you can do so on Amazon here, and check out the brand’s own website here.

Okay, so this brings us to the end of this review! I hope that you enjoyed reading, and if you did then please leave a quick like on this post. Also, please follow my blog if you aren’t already. I post cruelty free beauty and lifestyle posts and I have lots of exciting posts coming up! I am so sorry again for my lack of posting the last couple of weeks, I promise that I am getting back into it.


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