Colourpop Disney Designer – Ariel Themed Lipstick and Super Shock Shadow Review

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Phew, that’s truly a long title isn’t it! Today I’m going to be talking about part of the Colourpop Disney Designer collection. Specifically I’m going to be reviewing some of the Ariel themed products from the collection.

I was super lucky to have these products given to me by my amazing boyfriend for my birthday in January. I had put this collection on my wish list but because the products were constantly sold out at that point, I was really surprised to receive them. Colourpop Disney Designer Ariel Today I’ll be talking about:

  • Colourpop Disney Designer ‘Ariel’ Crème Lux Lipstick – $8.00 (roughly £6.20)
  • Colourpop Disney Designer ‘Under The Sea’ Super Shock Shadow – $6.00 (roughly £4.65)

My boyfriend knows that my favourite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid so he chose to stick to the Ariel theme and get the ‘Under The Sea’ Super Shock Shadow despite it not being on my wish list and boy am I glad that he did! It’s such a cool colour (and texture) and I wouldn’t have picked this colour myself.

‘Ariel’ Crème Lux Lipstick


The photos above show the packaging for this lipstick and I can’t express how much I adore it. The box is mainly black with a beautiful stylized drawing of Ariel on the front, below there is a gold band with the product type written on it.

The tube of the lipstick is gold with signatures of the princesses on the barrel in white. The lipstick itself is a gorgeous peachy nude as shown in the swatch.

The packaging for this product is stunning, I absolutely love it! The art is beautiful and I love the way that the box has been thought out and designed. This is a box that I definitely will keep forever (especially since the collection is limited edition).

The lipstick itself is extremely heavy and feels like really good quality. The lipstick clicks shut so there’s no chance of it falling off when it’s in a bag. Honestly the quality of this product for the price is incredible. From the box, to the actual tube, to the formula of the product itself, I can’t believe how affordable it is.


In both of these photos I am wearing the ‘Ariel’ lipstick. The colour does look slightly different in the two photos due to the lighting but overall it is very true to the colour in the tube.

The lipstick is extremely creamy and glides on. Only one coat is needed in order for the product to be opaque. It isn’t drying at all and feels really comfortable on the lips. However, since it is a cream lipstick, it does transfer and therefore doesn’t last all day (but that’s to be expected).

I also really like the colour of this lipstick, I think it’s flattering on me and suits my skin tone well. I’m going to get a lot of use out of this lipstick since the colour is relatively neutral is can be worn with pretty much any makeup look and on any day. Overall, this lipstick is really beautiful.

I love the formula, I love the colour, I love the packaging. Apart from the fact that it transfers, I have nothing bad to say about it. I’d definitely get some more colours of this lipstick type, and really want to try some more from the Disney Designer collection.

If this product sounds and looks like something you’d like then you can pick it up on the Colourpop website here.

‘Under The Sea’ Super Shock Shadow


As you can see, the product comes in a small golden box with a circular cut out in the centre which you can see the product/product’s packaging through. On the outside it states to keep the lid on the product to ‘keep the magic in’.

Once you remove the product from the outer cardboard packaging, it comes in a small black jar. The lid of the product has a black rim around the outside, and is clear in the middle to allow a glimpse at the product. Printed in this clear part in gold is the iconic Disney castle.

The product itself has what looks like a fish scale pattern on it. I’ve also included a swatch of the product in the final photo but, as I’ll discuss in the ‘thoughts’ section, it seems to look different when applied/in different lighting.

Overall, I really like the packaging design. It’s simple but sleek and there’s no wasted packaging, which I appreciate. Since I don’t have any other Colourpop products apart from these two, I decided to keep the little box (I keep packaging that I really like/is special to me). Although the box isn’t as interesting as the lipstick’s box, I still want to keep it until I get some more colourpop products (I want more from the Disney Designer collection, and some from the Disney villain collection).


In the photos above you can see me wearing the product. For the first look, I’m wearing the ‘Under The Sea’ shade on my whole lid as a cut crease, and in the second picture I’m wearing it on my lower lash line.

As you can see, the colour looks pretty different in both pictures. In the first one it looks more of a teal/blue, whereas in the second picture it looks like more of a true green/how it looked when I swatched it. I actually really like this colour, even though it looks different to in the pan for the most part.

I’m really glad that my boyfriend bought this for me because, as I said, I wouldn’t have chosen this shade if I was purchasing. I don’t tend to use greens very often but this product makes me want to do more green looks!

This product is SO creamy and applies really easily. When you put your finger or a brush into the pan it does tend to dent it, since the product is so soft, but you get a lot of pay off. I’ve never had any eyeshadows that have a similar texture to this and I think it’s really cool. It’s definitely unique to me, as far as products that I’ve tried, and I definitely want to try some more of their super shock shadows.

You also get a lot of product for your money! I think that Colourpop is one of the most affordable brands and, from my limited experience with them, they have high quality products. However, I really really wish that they had a way to ship from within the UK so you don’t have to pay for shipping costs and customs fees!

If this green eyeshadow sounds like something you need then you can grab it from the Colourpop website through the following link.

Overall, I really like both these products. I think it’s the formulas and the packaging that stands out to me the most! The Ariel lipstick is really creamy and feels lovely, and the Super Shock Shadow has a interesting, unique texture. The Disney Designer collection is really well thought out and I think it’s fantastic. I’m glad that it hasn’t already sold out or been taken off the Colourpop website as that means I may be able to get some more products from this collection before it’s gone forever. I also definitely want to try some items from the villain collection that they recently brought out (because what do I love more than Disney princesses? Disney villains). The prices of Colourpop products are fantastic and I’d definitely recommend getting these – espectially if you’re a Disney fan!

You can check out the full Disney Designer collection here, or if you’re more of a villain person then you can see their villain collection here.

Okay so this brings us to the end of this review on some of the Disney Designer collection! If you enjoyed reading this post then please leave a quick like. Also please follow my blog if you aren’t already, I’m a cruelty free beauty and lifestyle blogger.


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