Natural Looking Fake Tan?! – NYK1 Tanforce Review

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I’m not sure if I’ve ever reviewed a fake tan on my blog before – I don’t think I have. However, I figured since summer is coming up, now would be a perfect time to review this product.

I use fake tan occasionally but I wouldn’t say very often! As much as I love to look tanned (since I usually look like an absolute ghost) I rarely can be bothered to go through the whole process in order to get that glowing healthy-looking skin. Tanning is pretty much an all-day process when you take into account the showering, exfoliating, shaving, and moisturising needed before the actual tan is applied.

This product was sent to me for free, for reviewing purposes, after I reached out to Babushka PR. However, as always, I’ll be completely honest in my review!

The products I’ll be talking about today will be:

  • NYK1 Tanforce £24.95 (it says the RRP is £39.95)
  • NYK1 Luxury Tanning Megamitt (Brown) £9.95 (RRP is stated at £19.95).

However, you’re also able to purchase these two products in a bundle for £32.95.


Above shows the packaging of the NYK1 Tanforce and the Megamitt.

The megamitt comes in a very reflective silver box. I forgot to take a picture but there are actually two mitts that come in this box, one large one and one very small one (the small one is designed for smaller areas like your face, or to use on more difficult places such as your elbows/knees). Included in this box is also a pouch to keep the mitts in, which is absolutely fantastic. The pouch is great quality and really helpful. I always leave my tanning mitts in random places and they end up getting ruined so this means it stays safe and can be used for longer.

The Tanforce bottle is mostly white with a brown-toned golden stripe at the bottom. The product name is printed in large letters up the tube, with the brand name and some information about the product below it. It also has a pump which is great as it keeps the product sanitary and allows you to control the amount you’re using.

Thoughts on the Tanning Mitt

The first thing that struck me about the tanning mitt is how soft it is. Honestly it’s the softest tanning mitt I’ve ever had and it feels incredible. Online it says it’s velour which makes sense from how soft it is to the touch. How soft the mitt is actually makes it easier to spread the tan with, since it doesn’t catch or tug on your skin, it glides really nicely with the tan. After washing, it didn’t lose its softness either which is great as it was definitely something I was concerned about when I first got it.

As I mentioned, it comes with a smaller mitt as well. The smaller one isn’t anywhere near as soft and instead is made from more of the classic tanning mitt material. However, regardless of it not being as soft, I still really appreciate this extra mitt coming with the larger one. I used the smaller one on my face and arms and it was super helpful to have!

Thoughts on Tanforce and Results

I was honestly SO excited to try this product! It claims that it has no sticky residue, doesn’t transfer to clothing or bedding, and doesn’t have the usual tan scent which are all fantastic claims for me so I was really interested to try it out. Personally, I don’t really like the typical fake tan scent – I can tolerate it, but if there’s a way to not have it then I’d choose that product any day. Additionally, having sticky fake tan is so irritating to me and I absolutely hate it.

I followed the instructions when I applied this and I believe I applied 3 coats. Online it says that 3 coats would create a deep dark tan, but as you can see from the photos – on me, it looked pretty natural.

Me being me, I did kind of mess up the application a bit. On my feet it was ab absolute mess and in places where I had dry patches it went a little strange. However, this is 100% down to my terrible application. On easier, and larger areas (such as my legs), it turned out really well, it wasn’t streaky at all and gave a lovely tan.

I’m so impressed by how this product worked. It does have a little bit of that fake tan scent but it takes time to develop – when you first apply the tan it doesn’t smell like fake tan at all, it smells much more like it the longer you have it on. As it claimed, it wasn’t sticky at all and didn’t transfer onto my clothes or bed sheets.

The mitt makes the product extremely easy to spread and blend and you really don’t need a lot of the product to cover areas. It’s a pretty large bottle so I’d image it would last a while!

I will 100% be using this each time that I want to fake tan because I’m honestly so impressed and I’d highly recommend it. Although I personally don’t fake tan very often (I always want to, it’s just it takes so long to do all of the prep) this tan makes me want to do it more frequently! It gives a really nice, natural, colour for me with three coats, but you could do less coats if you already have a tan/just want a subtle glow!

Price-wise I think it’s pretty fair given the amount that you get and how little you need to use. I personally would recommend purchasing the bundle where you get both the tan and the two mitts since I think that’s a really good deal and honest the mitt is so incredible and really compliments the product.

If you are interested in purchasing the bundle then you can do so on the NYK1 website for £32.95 here.

Alternatively, you can pick up just the Tanforce here, or just the tanning mitts here.

Okay so this is now the end of this review, I hope you enjoyed it – as always if you did then please leave a quick like! Also, if you aren’t already then please follow my blog. I post cruelty free beauty and lifestyle posts and post at least twice a week. You can follow using either a WordPress account or via email.


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