My Last Box – The Cruelty Free Beauty Box May 2019 Review

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I know this post is super late, but if you’ve read my previous post, it explains why!

Today’s post will be my final review of The Cruelty Free Beauty Box for the foreseeable future. They put out an email a little while ago explaining that they are changing the structure of the box and it just doesn’t suit me so, for now, this is my last review of his box.

Before I get into the review of the May box I want to explain the changes to the box and some of my thoughts on them/why they don’t suit me.

Since this review is so late, and there’s such a large section on changes to the box subscription, I will keep my review shorter than usual.

What is Changing?

The box will be going down to one every two months, rather than a box per month, and there will now be three different sizes of the box at different price points. This regular box will be £24.95 for current subscribers and £29.95 for new subscribers, a mini box will be £19.95 for current subscribers and £22.95 for new subscribers, and a deluxe box will be £34.95 for current subscribers and £39.95 for new subscribers.

Although £24.95 every two months would be cheaper than £14.95 every month in the long run, I personally really like getting a box every month and although it would save money in the long term I’ve budgeted for £15 each month and can’t afford to add another £10, even if it means the follow month I wouldn’t be paying anything.

When they announced that changes were going to be made, I told myself if the box went above £20, I wouldn’t continue subscribing. The current price point for me means that I almost always get my money’s worth, even if I don’t like some of the products. When the price starts going up, I find I tend to get disappointed more and I don’t want that. I was subscribed to a luxury subscription box that was around the £30 mark before and I found more often than not, I was disappointed because that much money to me is a lot of money for a subscription. Whilst there is an option for a mini box at £19.95, which states it contains between 3 and 6 products, I just don’t think I’d be happy with the results. If a box were to only contain 3 products, and I didn’t like one of them, that’s 1/3 of the box gone for me and if I’m going to only be receiving it every 2 months I just wouldn’t have the same level of excitement that I do now where I know I’ll be receiving 5 products every month no matter what.

Of course, this is only my personal opinion. I know that some people like getting boxes on alternate months and these choices are probably going to suit more people’s needs and choices, it just isn’t for me personally.

I do want to touch on some of the other changes that they’ll be making which I think are fantastic. Since they are charging more, they’re upping the minimum value of each box from £30 to £60. The mini box will be 100% plastic free and the other boxes will have a maximum of the 1/3 of the box contain plastic packaging. 10% of the subscription box profits will be donated to a charity, which will be changed every 3 months. Additionally, if there were any products you receive in the box that you don’t want, then you can send them back and they will be collecting them and donating them and there will be a points reward system for their beauty shop.

They have also launched two new boxes – the ‘Ethical Glow’ and ‘Ethical Rouge’. The ‘Ethical Glow’ is £44.95 every 3 months for current subscribers, or £49.95 every 3 months for new subscribers, whilst the ‘Ethical Rouge’ is £24.95 every 3 months for current subscribers, or £29.95 for new ones. The ‘Ethical Glow’ contains 5-8 products, and has eco friendly packaging including the description card which you can place in soil when you’re done. They’ll also be planting a tree in Borneo’s Rain forest for every 5 boxes sold, again 10% of the profits will be donated to a charity. The ‘Ethical Rouge’ is similar in that they plant trees for every 5 boxes sold, and 10% of the profits will be donated. However, the ‘Ethical Rouge’ is designed to be a grooming box ‘for him’ which contains 5-8 products (it can be upgraded to include 1-2 lifestyle products and 1-2 snacks for £34.95 every 3 months for current subscribers, or £39.95 for new subscribers).

I know this is pretty confusing so I’m going to put information about each of the boxes available into bullet points:

10% of all box profits will be given to charity, and a tree will be planted for every 5 boxes sold.

The Beauty Box Mini

  • Every 2 months
  • 3-6 beauty items
  • Price for current subscribers: £19.95
  • Price for new subscribers: £22.95
  • 100% plastic free

The Beauty Box Original

  • Every 2 months
  • 5-8 beauty items
  • Price for current subscribers: £24.95
  • Price for new subscribers: £29.95
  • Maximum of 1/3 of a box containing plastic packaging

The Beauty Box Deluxe

  • Every 2 months
  • 5-8 beauty items, plus 1-2 lifestyle products and 1-2 snacks
  • Price for current subscribers: £34.95
  • Price for new subscribers: £39.95
  • Maximum of 1/3 of a box containing plastic packaging

Ethical Glow

  • Every 3 months
  • 5-8 beauty/makeup items
  • Price for current subscribers: £44.95
  • Price for new subscribers: £49.95
  • Eco friendly packaging including description cards that can be placed in soil

Ethical Rouge

  • Every 3 months
  • 5-8 grooming products
  • Price for current subscribers: £24.95
  • Price for new subscribers: £29.95
  • Eco friendly packaging including description cards that can be placed in soil

Ethical Rouge Deluxe

  • Every 3 months
  • 5-8 grooming products, plus 1-2 lifestyle products and 1-2 snacks
  • Price for current subscribers: £34.95
  • Price for new subscribers: £39.95
  • Eco friendly packaging including description cards that can be placed in soil


Okay so that’s it for the new information, let’s finally get into this review!

What I Received

The Cruelty Free Beauty Box May 2019 The above photo illustrates what I received in the May Cruelty Free Beauty Box. From left to right, top to bottom, I got:

  • Retrocorn ‘Strawberries & Cream popcorn’ (free gift for the box’s birthday)
  • Shobu Shower Bomb in ‘Breathe’ – £3.00
  • Giovanni ‘Direct Leave-In Weightless Moisture Conditioner’ – £2.49
  • GlitterEye Highlighter in ‘GlowUp’ – £4.95
  • Laviish ‘Teeth Whitening Polish’ – £23.90
  • Pure Purpose ‘Hemp Masque’ – £24.00

Therefore, using these prices, the total value of the May 2019 box is £58.34 which may be the biggest value I’ve had yet! The last two products I’ve listed are both full sized which is also amazing. I actually think the selection of products in this month’s box were really interesting and exciting. I don’t think I’ve had a box that has been this interesting to me before!

Retrocorn ‘Strawberries & Cream popcorn’

Retro Corn Strawberries & Cream Popcorn Although this is a little extra product for this month’s box, I did want to quickly talk about it! This is popcorn that is supposed to be coated with crushed sweets (yet is still only 85 calories). I personally love popcorn (sweet, of course) so I couldn’t wait to try these! To begin with I was a little confused, they kind of look like popcorn with pink powder on them in places.

They’re really different in terms of flavour, they do kind of taste like popcorn with crushed boiled sweets on them but they were really good and I’d definitely consider buying them if I saw them whilst I was out and about.

Shobu Shower Bomb in ‘Breathe’ – £3.00

Shobu Shower Bomb in 'Breathe'

This was a really interesting product as I have used a shower bomb before (one from Lush, you can check out the review for that here) but the previous shower bomb I’d used you can also use to clean your body.

This shower bomb is more for aromatherapy – you are supposed to put it on the floor of your shower, out of the running water, and take in the aromas.

I personally haven’t used this yet and I’m unsure if I will. Although I do like the sound of the product, I don’t think it’s for me. I’d prefer to use something that I can also use to clean myself, rather than something that is strictly for aromatherapy in the shower.

I do think that the price is pretty good for this though if it is something that you’re interested in.

Giovanni ‘Direct Leave-In Weightless Moisture Conditioner’ – £2.49

Giovanni Direct Leave-in Weightless Moisture Conditioner

Like the previous product, this was another that I was excited to see but also probably won’t use. This product sounds great and I love leave-in conditioners but I recently was sent some natural hair products from a brand and one of those products was a deep conditioner, so I’ve been using that and haven’t found myself reaching for this at all.

I’ll probably pop this in a giveaway with the previous product at some point because I’d rather someone got use out of it!

GlitterEye Highlighter in ‘GlowUp’ – £4.95

I was super excited to see this product in the box since I really love highlighters. I think the shade of this one is absolutely stunning it’s kind of a light gold and it’s so pretty. However, it all went wrong when I swatched it. A lot of product came off on my finger but when I went to swatch it, the majority stayed on my finger and the bit that did apply to my wrist was chunky and had hardly any pigment. It contains super chunky glitter which I personally don’t like from my highlighters.

Personally, I won’t be using this product at all. I wouldn’t use it as a highlighter and it isn’t pigmented enough to be used as an eyeshadow. I could maybe use it to top another shimmer eyeshadow but honestly I really doubt it.

It’s such a shame because, as I said, I really like the colour – I just wish it worked better for me!

Laviish ‘Teeth Whitening Polish’ – £23.90

Laviish Teeth Whitening PolishThis was another product that I was really excited to see in the box. I’m always open to teeth whitening products, but I find it difficult to find some that are cruelty free so I was glad this was included.

This product is basically just charcoal and coconut oil and boy can you tell. It says to use a separate, dry, toothbrush, as opposed to the one that you use to brush your teeth. This is pretty inconvenient as I don’t know many people who have a whole bunch of unused, spare toothbrushes.

You’re supposed to use this after brushing your teeth normally, then rise your mouth and your toothbrush out.

Let me tell you now, this is gross! I’ve used it a few times because I wanted to power through for the sake of getting whiter teeth, and I probably will use it again in the future, but it’s so nasty. It doesn’t taste like too much but the texture is horrible. It’s like filling your mouth with gritty coconut oil. It’s also hard to rinse out since oil and water don’t mix.

I can’t really comment on if it actually works since I haven’t used it consistently enough but if you can get past the texture, then I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

One other thing to note is that I found it difficult to coat my toothbrush. There’s a slight lip on the container, with the product a little lower inside which makes it difficult to coat the whole toothbrush. I kept ending up with loads on the tip of the brush and next to none on the rest of it.

I think the price is pretty standard for this kind of product. I personally wouldn’t pay it just because the texture is so bad that I wouldn’t end up using it consistently enough to see results but if you’re used to using products like this then you might enjoy it.

Pure Purpose ‘Hemp Masque’ – £24.00

As you will know by now if you’ve been reading my blog for a while – I love a face mask! Typically I prefer sheet masks since I’m lazy and washing a mask off can be a lot of effort for me. However, a mask is a mask and I’m always happy to see one.

I’ve only used this mask once (as you can see, major Shrek vibes) but I really liked it. I’ve been thinking about using it again recently but haven’t been feeling well enough.

Unlike some masks, this washes off really easily which I appreciate. It left my skin feeling really soft and hydrated and I’d definitely recommend.

The only thing that puts me off is the price. You aren’t going to get too many uses out of this since it is quite a small jar and £24 is a lot in my opinion.

As always, I really liked this box and appreciate the opportunity to try new products. I do think it’s a shame that they’ve decided to change things and I almost think that there’s too much choice with all the boxes. I may look to subscribing to a different cruelty free monthly box in the future, but for now I’m going to take a break from subscription boxes. Whilst I understand that brands and businesses need to change and adapt it’s a shame that the changes don’t suit me. I still really love The Cruelty Free Beauty Box and wish them all the best with their new boxes.

If you want to check out their boxes or website then you can do so here.

Okay so this brings us to my final review on The Cruelty Free Beauty Box. I really hope that you enjoyed reading! If you did then please leave a quick like and make sure you follow my blog if you don’t already – you can do so via email or with a WordPress account.


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