Biodegradable Cotton Period Pads – LUXStore Review

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That’s right, today we’ll be reviewing a sanitary product! I know I haven’t spoken about periods, or sanitary products, before on my blog but it’s nothing to be ashamed of, or uncomfortable with so today I’m going to be talking about some biodegradable cotton pads from the brand LUXStore.

I reached out to the brand via the site Ethical Influencers, and was sent these products to try in exchange for a review.

As always, just because these have been sent to me for free doesn’t mean that it changes my opinion on the product. These pads really appealed to me as I’m aware of the negative impacts that sanitary products have on the environment and I want to try to help in any way that I can to minimise my personal impact.

I personally wear pads because I find tampons really uncomfortable/painful (not sure why, just never was able to get on board with them) so I was excited to see these biodegradable pads.

Before I share my thoughts on these pads, I will be giving a bit of information about who LUXStore are.

Who are LUXStore?

The following passage has been taken from their ‘Our Story’ page on their website:

‘We are PREETI & ARVIND a husband and wife duo, who love to travel and have witnessed firsthand the devastation plastics cause to our oceans, marine life and our soil.
At Luxstore we are passionate about all things organic! We believe that using organic products in your daily life leads to greater personal health and contributes to the protection of our environment.
Our goal is to create a trusted online store from which our customers can access a range of organic products at an affordable price.
Our subscription model makes our business sustainable by ensuring a regular cash flow for those good people who help manufacture our products – this makes for a happy supply chain.
Through our Voices & Words blog we aim to provide educational material (videos, articles, blogs) so people can make informed decisions about the products they use.
Our pads (including the sheath and packaging) are bio degradable. Within a year of disposal they will fully disintegrate and become one with the planet, leaving absolutely no residue.
We are fully organic on our supply side too, with zero chemicals used to grow our cotton. Our cotton is farmed sustainably with appropriate crop rotations so that we can cultivate harmoniously with nature instead of depleting it.’

What I Received & Packaging

As you can see from the photo above, I was sent both the products that they stock – their day pads and their night pads.

These retail for £5.00 each and can be bought on a monthly subscription so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to buy pads.

The products come in a cardboard box (which is recyclable, of course). Inside the pads come packaged in the traditional bag that pads tend to come in. The pads themselves need to be unfolded and unstuck from their sheet before being applied. Unlike traditional pads, all of this packaging is biodegradable.

The pads themselves have wings, which I don’t usually like on your regular shop-bought pads, and the night pads are longer than the day ones.

Needless to say I love this packaging. The boxes do take up quite a lot of room so I took the pads out, recycled the box, and kept them in their little bag. I really love how the boxes look though, the packaging is simple but really pretty and you wouldn’t think that it was a sanitary product by just looking at the box.

The bag that the pads are in inside is just plain white which is fine, it doesn’t need to be anything exciting. However, I do wish that there was something printed on these bags to help differentiate between which is the night pads and which are the day ones. Once they’re removed from the boxes, both types of pads look virtually indistinguishable. The night pads are longer so when they’re folded up they feel slightly thicker, but it’s pretty difficult to tell. This is the only issue with the packaging I have, I absolutely love that it’s all biodegradable or recyclable. The pads themselves also breakdown which is amazing!

My Thoughts and Experience

As I said above, I personally don’t like pads with wings but surprisingly I actually really loved these. They are so soft and comfortable and I couldn’t even tell the wings were there. I’ve found before on regular pads that the wings are itchy or come unstuck and stick to my legs but I didn’t have a single problem with either type of these pads. I tend to find with my regular synthetic pads, that they can get pretty uncomfortable and dig into/rub my legs but I didn’t find this happening with these at all which is incredible. It made my period overall way more comfortable and bearable.

The day pads I could wear for around 4 hours, slightly less on heavier days, and slightly more on lighter days and the night pads would see me through the whole night with no problems. Personally, I tend to wear two pads at night just to ensure that I’m fully covered from front to back so I did end up wearing a second pad without wings towards my back just to ensure that I was fully covered. I don’t sleep very well and move around a lot and I tend to find that, since it’s a liquid, the blood tends to travel around – especially when I’m lying on my back. This isn’t an issue with these pads, it’s just how I personally do things.

I do wish that they sold the same pads but without wings though so I can use the ones without wings as extra support at night.

These pads are also super sticky, I’ve never had pads quite this adhesive so there’s absolutely no chance of it moving around or becoming unstuck at any point and the wings add even more stability. This, I find, really helps with preventing leakage.

As well as being recyclable and biodegradable, it’s important to note that these pads are also free from pesticides, rayon, synthetic polymers, perfumes, and other chemicals. I wasn’t aware until recently that pads are filled with so many negative, and problematic, things, so it’s nice to know that these pads aren’t going to be harmful in any way as well as being better for the environment.

I really love these pads and will definitely be purchasing some more. Perhaps not this month since I’m pretty tight on money, but from next month I’ll be subscribing to their day and night plan.

You can check out their day pads through this link, and their night pads through this one. There’s an option to subscribe so they send you day and night pads every month, or they can send you three packs of each every three months, if that suits you better. Or you can, of course, purchase them separately.

Whilst £5 per box is on the pricier side for pads, for a product that is reducing negative environmental impacts, is overall better for your body than traditional pads, and has a sustainable supply chain, I think the price is actually more than fair. I also really like that they have a subscription system so you don’t have to worry about remembering to order each month.

Overall, I think these pads are great and I’d definitely recommend them if you’re thinking about switching to more sustainable period products and can afford the products. As I said, I’ll definitely be purchasing more of them. Sometimes I end up panicking that I haven’t purchased any pads when it gets close to my time of the month and have to take a trip especially to get them, so the subscription really appeals to me.

So this brings us to the end of this review, I hope that you enjoyed reading it! Let me know what you think of these products and please follow my blog if you aren’t already! I’m a cruelty free beauty and lifestyle blogger.


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