The Body Shop Shower Gels and Creams Review

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That’s right, your girl is getting herself together and has posted a second review this week for the first time in ages! Today’s review is going to be on some shower products that I picked up from The Body Shop recently.

I’ll be talking about both The Body Shop’s shower gel formula and their shower cream formula. It’s honestly been years since I last used a product from The Body Shop and I don’t know why. My friend gave me a coconut gift set she didn’t want last year and I used the shower cream from that set earlier this year and that sparked me to go out and pick up some more shower products. I’m not sure why I’ve been sleeping on The Body Shop until now, I’m sorry The Body Shop, please forgive me.

I needed some new shower gel a couple of weeks ago and something inside me said ‘go to The Body Shop’ so I did, and came out with both a gel and a cream. I’m actually surprised by the pricing of these products, for some reason I was under the impression that The Body Shop was really expensive but the 250ml bottles are only £5.00!

When I went in they had a buy one get one half price promotion on the shower products so I picked up the following products, that I’ll be talking about today, for a total of £7.50:

  • The Body Shop ‘Shea Butter Shower Cream’
  • The Body Shop ‘Cactus Blossom Shower Gel’


The Body Shop Shower products As you can see from the photo above, both products come in a clear plastic bottle with a black with a opaque label with the product information on it.

There’s a couple of things that I really like about this packaging that might seem insignificant but are actually really good. Firstly, the bottle isn’t too thick. There’s nothing worse than trying to squeeze out product in the shower only to find that the bottle is really difficult to get the product out of. However, it also is good quality so you’re not going to end up leaving it with dents in it.  Another thing I love about the bottle is that the cap is flat! This is such an important thing that, I find, most shower gels don’t have. When you get towards the bottom of a product you’re going to want to store the bottle upside down to get all of that product out and there’s nothing more annoying than a bottle not being made to allow that!

I’ve completely used up the coconut shower cream that my friend gave me and I could get out pretty much all of the product which is fantastic. You don’t want to be wasting product (and therefore money) by not being able to get it out of the bottle, and equally you aren’t going to want to be standing in the shower trying to shake product out of a bottle (which is why I love that it’s got a flat cap so you can store it upside down).

Shower Cream vs Shower Gel

I know some of you may not have tried shower products from The Body Shop so you may not be aware of the differences between the formulas and textures of their shower gels and shower creams.

Personally, I prefer the creams over the gels because I tend to shave using shower gel. The cream formula is slightly thicker and creamier and I find it is more slippery. It glides on easier than the gels and I find that it gives a better base to shave with. I also find the shower creams to be more hydrating.

The shower gel formula is pretty typical as far as shower gels go but I do find that this one feels more luxurious than your cheap Superdrug or Boots shower products. It is thicker than cheaper shower gels.

My Thoughts

I’m really impressed by these shower products and I’m honestly pleasantly surprised. I’m not sure why I had such a strange opinion about The Body Shop but that is definitely gone and I’ll be checking out more of their products (I know they have amazing sales too). I actually like these shower products so much that I’ve already asked for some for Christmas!

As I said above, I personally prefer the shower cream formula over the shower gel but I honestly like both. The scents are also super interesting (who would have thought cactus blossom would be so nice?!) and they have a lot of different scents to suit different individuals. Personally, I really like fruity or floral scents so I have a lot to choose from! I think the price is really fair for the amount of product that you get.

Of course it is more expensive if you’re used to using a cheap shower gel from Superdrug or Boots (like I am) but it’s really nice as a treat without having to go overboard on price. Shower gels can be extremely expensive so I’d really recommend trying out one of these ones from The Body Shop. I find showers pretty relaxing, it’s nice just to have a bit of time where I don’t feel like I need to be doing something and can just take a moment to think in a clearer way (I don’t know if that’s only me) so I thought I deserved more than just £1 shower gel for once and honestly there is a difference! The two of these will probably last me quite a while and once I’m done with them I’ll purchase some more from The Body Shop. They feel like a little treat but aren’t super expensive – Plus they sell smaller 60ml bottles for £2.00 if you’re unsure of if you’d like it and want to try it out before committing to a larger one.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend these there’s so many to choose from and they all sound equally as wonderful. They have some really interesting scents around during the winter time too which I’m excited to try. You can pick them up online here, or in store. So this brings us to the end of this review, I hope that you enjoyed reading it! If you did enjoy this review then please leave it a quick like and make sure that you subscribe to my blog if you aren’t already subscribed – you can do so via email or with a WordPress account.


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  1. Anna Aurora says:

    This was very informative!Thank you 💕💞Great post 💕


    1. Glad you enjoyed it! ❤️❤️


  2. Kirsty says:

    They really are good – my favourites are the mango one and the pink grapefruit.


    1. They sound amazing, I’ll definitely get the mango one next time! ❤️


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