97% Natural Hair Products – Noughty Haircare Review

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Today we’re going to be jumping into a group of products that I don’t review very often here on my blog – haircare products.

I typically don’t review haircare because I tend to use very cheap own brand shampoo/conditioner that is neither great nor terrible, and therefore doesn’t spark me to want to do a review. I think the reason why I tend to use such cheap products on my hair is because I usually can’t be bothered with the fuss of finding decent haircare products. I don’t have a lot of money so I don’t want to spend money on products which I might then hate. Additionally, it’s pretty difficult to find cruelty free shampoos/conditioners in shops like Superdrug and Boots (which is, again, why I tend to by their own brand).

However, I end up in a cycle where I’m buying cheaper shampoos and conditioners which I don’t particularly love, so I’m not very excited about using them and as I said in my previous post about The Body Shop shower products, showers for me are a time where I can relax and clear my mind. Therefore, I want to be using products that at least spark a little bit of joy rather than making me feel bored and boring.

I was so excited when Noughty Haircare reached out to me and asked if I’d like to try some of their products in exchange for a review. I’d never heard of the brand before but it really appealed to me that they’re 97% natural and, of course, cruelty free. I asked to use their ‘Colour Bomb’ range, since I have pink hair and they kindly sent me the following products to test:

  • ‘Colour Bomb’ Shampoo – £6.99
  • ‘Colour Bomb’ Conditioner – £6.99
  • ‘To The Rescue Intense Moisture Hair Treatment’ – £8.99
  • ‘To The Rescue Serum’ – £8.99

I’ll be discussing the packaging/branding of these products before I get into each product individually. I’ve been using these every time I shower for more than a month now so have a good opinion on the products.

** All links to the Superdrug website are affiliate links. This means that I earn a small commission should you click though and/or purchase through the link. This is no extra charge to you, it just helps me out**


Noughty Haircare As you can see from the photo above, the packaging of all of the products is in the same colour family. The shampoo and the serum are both in baby pink packaging, whereas the conditioner and the hair treatment are in more purple/blue toned packaging.

Both the shampoo and conditioner have the collection name written in large font in red, whilst the two treatment products have the collection name in pink lettering. This makes it easy to distinguish between the different product types (there are other collections with different purposes, such as ‘Wave Hello’, ‘Care Taker’, and ‘Tough Cookie’).

Although it’s easy to tell from looking at all the products together, that they are all from the same brands, I like that subtle differences allow you to tell products apart. For example, the shampoo and conditioners having exactly the same design but a slightly different bottle colour really helps to quickly grab the product you’re looking for.

I really like this packaging, it’s super sturdy and good quality and I really like the branding/colouring of the products.

One thing that I don’t really like is that every product comes in plastic packaging. As a brand where the products are 97% natural, I would like to see different packaging where possible. This is the only issue that I have with this packaging, it’s really practical – the shampoo and conditioner having flat bottoms is helpful so you don’t have to be shaking the bottle to get product out – I just wish the packaging weren’t plastic.

‘Colour Bomb’ Shampoo

Noughty Haircare 'Colour Bomb' Shampoo So starting off with the shampoo from the ‘Colour Bomb’ collection!

Judging from the name of this product, it’s fair to say that it claims to protect your dyed hair colour to stop it fading as quickly. It also says on their website that it contains sunflower oil to moisturise the hair. If you’ve ever had pink hair, you know just how quickly it fades. Previously, I wasn’t using any colour protecting shampoo and I do think that this shampoo has made a difference to how quickly the colour fades, however it still does unfortunately fade quite quickly.

I’ve only tried one natural shampoo before and it left my hair feeling horrible, it was almost greasy and felt thick and heavy even after it dried and it made me want to wash my hair again. Whilst this shampoo isn’t anywhere near as bad as that one, it does leave a sort-of residue, and it makes my hair feel thicker and almost dry (even when it’s wet). It’s a really difficult sensation to describe, I assume that this is typical for natural shampoos. It was worse when I first started using the product so it may continue to improve as my hair gets used to the natural product. However, following with the conditioner gets rid of this completely and leaves my hair feeling really nice.

Therefore, I’d say that you need the conditioner if you’re going to use this shampoo. They really work together and I wouldn’t use the shampoo by itself because of how it leaves my hair. It does do a really good job of cleaning my hair, but I find I need that extra boost of hydration from the conditioner.

I do like using this shampoo because I know it’s natural, and I will repurchase it once I’ve finished it as I do like it, just not by itself.

‘Colour Bomb’ Conditioner

Noughty Haircare 'Colour Bomb' Conditioner As I’ve already mentioned above, this conditioner works really well with the shampoo.

Although you’re only supposed to use conditioner on the ends of your hair, I tend to use it all over. Since I have dyed hair, the top of my head goes through exactly the same process as the ends of my hair, so I find it best to use this all over.

It doesn’t leave any product on my scalp, and leaves my hair feeling super soft and hydrated. Between the shampoo and the conditioner, the conditioner is definitely my favourite, but they work really well together.

I also love how these two smell. I wasn’t too sure about it at first because it isn’t a scent that I’ve smelt before (it’s described as a ‘Warming woody, citrus scent’ and it’s a very unique scent. However, as I’ve used it more and more I actually really love how it smells (as does my boyfriend).  

‘To The Rescue Intense Moisture Hair Treatment’

Noughty Haircare 'To The Rescue Intense Moisture Hair Treatment' Although difficult to choose, I think that out of these four products, this one is my favourite.

I absolutely love hair masks! Even before I had dyed hair, I would always use hair masks to keep my hair in the best condition. I always treat my hair like it’s dry, that way I don’t get split ends and my hair stays healthy. I was extremely excited to try this product when Noughty Haircare said that they were sending it to me.

To use this product it states to wash your hair with shampoo and then either leave the product on for 3-5 minutes in the shower or up to 20 minutes for more of an intensive treatment. I’ve always used this product in the shower, for varying amounts of time. I tend to try to use it when I’m shaving my legs, since that takes much longer than my regular showering and therefore the product has more time in my hair, but I’ve also used it for shorter amounts of time.

No matter how little, or how long, I leave this product on for, it leaves my hair feeling incredible. After using this, my hair feels so soft and I can run my fingers through it after towel drying it, with zero knots or snags. I try to save this product for more special occasions, or for just after I’ve bleached and dyed my hair, but it’s so difficult to wait to use it when I love it so much!

I’m incredibly impressed with this product and will definitely be purchasing it again once I’ve finished it. The tub is massive though, so I can’t see that happening any time soon! I’ve used it three or four times now and there’s still more than half the tub left (and I have shorter hair now), so you can definitely get a lot of use out of it!

‘To The Rescue Serum’

Noughty Haircare 'To The Rescue Serum' This was a very interesting product for me as I’ve never really used anything like it. I personally wouldn’t say I have particularly frizzy hair, but I do get a fair amount of fly-aways (which I guess you can say is frizz).

I use two pumps of this product on towel dried hair after I get out of the shower. I have used this when I’ve let my hair air dry, when I’ve gone to bed with wet hair (I know, I know, you’re not meant to do that), and when I’ve dried my hair with a hair dryer, and every single time it’s worked amazingly.

As I said, I didn’t think I had frizzy hair, but after using this, I think I probably do. When I use this product I don’t get random flyaway hairs, every hair stays in place and the product keeps my hair looking healthy and hydrated.

Although I only use a tiny amount of this, a little goes a long way (especially with wet hair) and it does such a great job. Again, I will be repurchasing this once I finish it but that’s going to be a very long time from now as I use very little product in one go.

Final Thoughts

It’s extremely rare for this to happen, but as you can see, I love every single one of these products. Whilst the shampoo isn’t my favourite, it works so well with the conditioner that I wouldn’t swap it. The mask is absolutely incredible, and the serum packs a big punch despite only using a small amount of product.

I will be repurchasing both the shampoo and conditioner at the end of this month because I’m starting to run out, and I’ve already put both of them on my Christmas list.

I’m so glad that Noughty Haircare gave me the opportunity to try these products because they’re my new favourite haircare brand and I won’t be switching away from them any time soon.

I absolutely love that the products are 97% natural so I know there’s nothing unnecessary in the products (they’re free from parabens, silicones, petrochemicals and sulphates). I also really like that the prices aren’t too much. A lot of the time I love products but they’re just too expensive for me to justify purchasing, but based on the performance of these products, how long they last, and the price point, these aren’t too expensive for me.

I would 1000% recommend all of these products and I’m sure I will be checking out more of what they have to offer.

If you’d like to purchase any of these products then you can find them on the Superdrug website here, or if you’d like to read more about, or buy, any of the products that I spoke about in this review, then you can do so by clicking through the links to the products on the Noughty Haircare website below:

‘Colour Bomb’ Shampoo – £6.99

‘Colour Bomb’ Conditioner – £6.99

‘To The Rescue Intense Moisture Hair Treatment’ – £8.99

‘To The Rescue Serum’ – £8.99

Okay so this is now the end of this review, I hope that you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed testing these products. If you did enjoy reading then please leave a quick like and make sure that you follow my blog if you aren’t already. I post cruelty free beauty and lifestyle content and I’d love to have you be a part of my journey!


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  1. Kate Murray says:

    Thanks for the review, very interesting…I’ve never tried a hair mask so this sounds intriguing!!


    1. All of the products are great but the hair mask is particularly good! Typically with hair masks I’ve used before you use them out of the shower and leave them on for an extended period of time (or sometimes overnight) so it’s nice that this one isn’t as much of a commitment and you can use it just in the shower whenever you like.


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