The Coffee Mate – Ground Coffee & Thermo Bottle Review

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That’s right, today’s post is going to be about coffee! It’s strange that up until now I haven’t spoken about coffee on my blog before considering how often I drink coffee and how much I love it!

When a digital marketing company reached out to me asking if I would like to review some products from the website The Coffee Mate, I jumped at the opportunity.

Despite loving coffee, I don’t have a coffee machine (neither one that grinds beans or one that takes pods/capsules). I do however have a few French presses, so I opted to get some ground coffee. I went through their ground coffee section and expressed interest in a two different blends (but showed preference for one in case they were only looking to send one out).

Very generously, they sent me three different ground coffee blends, as well as a thermo bottle, to review. The Coffee Mate Here is what I received:

  • Ground coffee Café Liégeois in ‘Puissant’ (250g) – £4.90
  • Ground coffee Café Liégeois in ‘Magnifico’ (250g) – £4.90
  • Ground coffee Café Liégeois in ‘Sublime’ (500g) – £10.90
  • Thermo bottle Asobu in ‘Diva V600 Pink/White’ – £24.00

So, without further ado, I’ll be going through each of the coffee blends, including the descriptions of the coffees taken from The Coffee Mate website and giving my own thoughts on the coffees.

Ground coffee Café Liégeois in ‘Puissant’

Ground coffee Café Liégeois in 'Puissant'  On The Coffee Mate website, this product has the following description:

‘Intense and strong coffee with a long-lasting, pleasant aftertaste. Perfect for those who want to concentrate on work or who lack of energy. This coffee will wake up anyone! Volcanic and complex Indonesian soil adds rich taste and sweetness for this coffee.’

Out of the three blends, this is probably my least favourite. Don’t get me wrong, it is still really good, I just prefer more of a smooth coffee and this one is a little more sharp and bitter. It definitely is a very strong blend so I agree that this one will be waking you up! It’s difficult to identify any kind of notes in this coffee (besides coffee, of course), as it doesn’t have the slight chocolate taste that the ‘Magnifico’ blend has.

I haven’t found myself reaching for this one quite as much just because it isn’t my favourite. We will still use it up but it won’t be one that I will be repurchasing.

If you like a strong tasting coffee though, this one is definitely for you. I also think the price is really good – £4.90 is a pretty regular price for coffee and this isn’t the type of coffee brand that you’re going to find in a supermarket. If you would like to try this one then you can get it for £4.90 on The Coffee Mate website here.

Ground coffee Café Liégeois in ‘Magnifico’

Ground coffee Café Liégeois in 'Magnifico'  This product has the following description on The Coffee Mate website:

‘In Colombia coffee is grown in extremely high altitudes — more than 1200 meters above sea level. Ideal climate conditions provide coffee from Colombia complexity and richness of flavor. Café Liégeois “Magnifico” aroma is very warm, sweet and “viscous”. Both aroma and taste will have combination of sweet raspberries in chocolate. Light, berry sourness connects with chocolate bitterness. After a cup of coffee you will feel long-lasting chocolate aftertaste.’

This coffee was my second favourite. Like the first one, it is pretty strong but it has a subtle chocolate flavour to it too, which makes it a little sweeter. It’s a little like a mocha and there is certainly a lingering chocolate flavour that stays long after the coffee taste has left.

For me, this coffee is still a little too bitter for my liking. I much prefer a smoother taste and feel to my coffee, making it easier to drink. However, this coffee is still pretty nice and I like the chocolate flavour that it has.

I believe the reason why the ‘Magnifico’ and ‘Puissant’ blends aren’t my favourite is because they are a dark roast. Personally, I tend to lean towards medium blends which is absolutely just personal preference. The two dark blend coffees that I was given are still tasty, but not my personal favourite.

However, if you’re someone who likes dark blends then these will be for you. If the ‘Magnifico’ blend sounds like something you’d enjoy then you can pick it up for £4.90 here.

Ground coffee Café Liégeois in ‘Sublime’

Ground coffee Café Liégeois in 'Sublime'  Finally, this coffee is described with the following passage on The Coffee Mate website:

A strong, intense flavor Mocha coffee. Stands out with its pleasant long aftertaste. This coffee is balanced for people who appreciate the rich flavor and strong coffee! This coffee is made from coffee beans from Guatemala. There, where the sun heats and coffee plants are constantly washed by the tropical rain, coffee beans with distinctive flavor ripens. Depending on the region, beans reveals fruit, wild flower and even honey aroma.’

This is, by far, my favourite blend that I received so I’m very grateful that it was sent over to me. The coffee is really smooth to drink and doesn’t have any bitterness. I wouldn’t personally say that it has a mocha flavour, as I found the ‘Magnifico’ blend to have more chocolate notes.

This coffee is just absolutely delicious, it’s so easy to drink and leaves you wanting more. It’s great to drink at all times of the day and goes with everything – your morning coffee, for afternoon tea, as a little pick-me-up, you name it, this coffee blend is good for it. I find myself thinking about it, excited to make it for breakfast the next day – I’ve even turned down going out for coffee so I could have this one instead.

Although you can only get it on The Coffee Mate in a 500g bag, I really recommend it. If you like coffee, you’ll like this coffee and the bigger the bag, the longer it will last! Everyone who I’m close to has tried it – me, my mum, my boyfriend, my boyfriend’s mum, my boyfriend’s sister, and everyone says how good it is. I will definitely be purchasing this when we run out, it’s 1000% worth it in my opinion.

If you are interested in this blend then you can grab it for £10.90 on The Coffee Mate website here (it would also make a great gift or stocking filler for someone you know who is a coffee lover).

Thermo bottle Asobu in ‘Diva V600 Pink/White’

Asobu Diva Cup This thermo bottle is described on The Coffee Mate website with the following passage:

‘Asobu “Diva V600” allows you to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee at the temperature you desire without worrying about spills. This thermo cup is a classy, vacuum insulated, double-walled, travel mug featuring a flip open neck. The construction not only keeps temperature, but also prevents external condensation. Perfect for any outdoors activity.’

I already covered a little about this product in my previous post ‘Items to Help You Be a Little More Sustainable’ however, I’ll be reviewing it in more depth here.

I chose this thermo bottle because I really wanted a flask that I could take around with me and drink directly from (instead of those bottles where you have a little cup screwed on the top). This design was really interesting to me in the way that you press the button on the front and the lid pops open, revealing a small hole that you can drink the coffee out of (similar to a regular coffee cup).

One thing I will say is that the design isn’t as practical as it seems. The lid only opens enough to make the first few sips of coffee easily accessible. However, I find I end up with my face against the lid when I’m trying to drink, which means you have to tilt your head quite a lot to access the coffee.

This being said, it definitely does its job in keeping coffee warm – the first day I used it, I was dedicated to testing how long it would keep the contents hot and wow does it do a great job. I made the coffee at 1:30pm and by 5:30pm it was still warm. For the first few hours it was still as hot as it was when I first made it.

This is a really great flask if you’re looking to make coffee and not drink it for a few hours. It would be great to take to work with your own coffee, or on long journeys. I recently brought it with me when I drove my mum to hospital as I knew that it would stay hot for a very long time so I wouldn’t have to worry whilst waiting around. Another great feature is that it fits perfectly (and snugly) in cup holders. This, combined with how long the coffee stays hot, is important to me. I spend quite a lot of time driving between my boyfriend’s house and my mum’s house (it’s a 30 minute journey) and sometimes I want a nice coffee but if I have coffee in a regular coffee cup it’s cold by the time I get to where I’m going. I’m also always worried about it moving whilst I’m driving. This flask doesn’t even wobble when it’s in my car cup holder!

Overall, I really love this flask. It can be hard to find a decent flask online with how many different brands, and designs there are available, but I’d highly recommend this one. I think the price is really fair and it performs amazingly.

If you’re looking for a flask, or want to get one as a gift for someone, then this one is a great choice! You can find the pink one here, alternatively if pink isn’t your style then there’s a silver one available here.

The Coffee Mate have an amazing selection of coffees, machines, thermo cups and bottles, and many more extras. Check out some of their products below:

Okay so this brings us to the end of this review, I really hope that you enjoyed it! If you did then please follow my blog – I post cruelty free beauty and lifestyle content.


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