The Perfect Clothing for Almost All Year Round – Lighthouse Clothing Review

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Today’s post is going to be a little different and is going to be a review of some clothing that have been kindly gifted to me. Although I do post fashion content on Instagram sometimes, I’ve never been offered clothing products so I was extremely excited when I was reached out to with this opportunity as I love fashion and clothing (especially jumpers).

I got to choose a couple of products from the Lighthouse clothing website so I’ll be discussing exactly what I think of each item – as always, I’ll cover everything I think you need to know!

The products I’ll be talking about today are:

  • Alanna Coat in ‘Night Sky’ – £110 (currently, as of 01/12/19, on sale for £82.50)
  • Shore Sweatshirt in ‘Harbour Mist’ – £49.95 (currently, as of 01/12/19, on sale for £34.95)

As I always say, just because I’ve been gifted these products doesn’t mean that I won’t be honest about what I think of them. If I think a product is good or if I think a product is bad, or somewhere in between, I’ll always be sure to tell you.

So without further ado, lets jump into what I think!

Alanna Coat in ‘Night Sky’

The photos above show both the coat and the sweatshirt but for this part we will focus on just the coat.

As you can see, it’s a really beautiful navy blue and contains white stripes on the inside. As demonstrated in the pictures it contains both side and top pockets (in the photo on the left I have one hand in a side pocket and in the photo on the right I have one hand in a top pocket). This is really cool, especially since women’s clothing tends to lack pockets! On the inside there’s also a perfect pocket that you can use to store your phone. As you can see from where I’m holding the coat open, there’s a little adjustable area which you can use to tighten the coat so it fits well around your waist.

I could have sworn that I ordered a size 12 but when it arrived it came as a size 10. I was initially worried about this but as you can see on the left, it fits perfectly! I’m so surprised by this since I usually need to go up to at least a 12 in a coat but this one is absolutely perfect. You can tell that during the designing process they really had an attention to detail. It fits exactly as you would want a coat to fit, and doesn’t make you look like a shapeless blob and the fact that it’s actually completely true to size is so refreshing.

I really really love the design on this and I haven’t stopped wearing it since I received it. It’s perfect in the current cold weather as it keeps heat in well and it’s waterproof but because it’s quite lightweight I can see it being great for autumn and spring too – who doesn’t want a coat that you can wear almost all year round?!

£110 is pretty darn expensive in my (very broke) opinion, but I find with coats you really do get what you pay for and it’s worth investing in a better coat rather than getting a cheaper coat that isn’t waterproof, and is strangely ill-fitting (I have those kinds of coats so I’m speaking from personal experience). I’ve never owned a coat around this price point but boy is there a difference. The quality is just entirely different and it’s really worth what it’s priced at. I rarely say that products that I consider to be expensive are worth the price but I 100% think this coat is. It’s so incredibly well made, feels amazing, fits perfectly, is waterproof, is warm but not cumbersome, it’s cute, hand has multiple pockets – honestly I can’t think of anything more that I’d want from a coat!

If you’d like to purchase this specific coat then you can do so on the Lighthouse Clothing website here, additionally you can check out the other women’s raincoats and jackets that they have available here.

Shore Sweatshirt in ‘Harbour Mist’

Again, the photos above show both the sweatshirt and coat combined but here we’ll be focusing on the sweatshirt.

This sweatshirt comes in nine different colours both with stripes and without. I chose this colour because I thought it was the one that I’d get the most use out of.

This shape/design of top isn’t like anything else I own which is why I wanted to try it and I actually really like it. The sweatshirt is a lot thinner in real life than I thought it would be based on the photos on their website. This being said, it’s deceptively warm. Although it’s made from quite thin material I find that it traps heat really well. I only need to wear this sweatshirt, the coat, and a scarf, to stay warm whereas I’d usually be wearing a cami, jumper, scarf, and coat.

The zip detail is one of my favourite things about this top. It gives a very different look depending on whether you have it completely done up, zipped halfway, or unzipped completely, and I like how it looks all ways! Another thing I love about this top is the shape of it. I know this should be a given for clothing, but it unfortunately isn’t the case with a lot of brands, but you can tell this top is designed with a human body in mind. The top tapers in at the waist before flaring back out at the bottom. It’s such a small detail but it’s so important and really impacts how the top sits and how it makes you look and feel. It’s a really flattering cut as it means the top doesn’t just hang shapelessly off of you.

For £49.95 I do wish that the top were a little thicker. On the website it looks like it would be more of a thick, maybe fleece material and the top doesn’t have a lining on the inside so the pockets are visible if you were to turn the top inside out. Whilst it is a really nice top and I will be wearing it a lot since its easy to throw on and look good (it gives me soccor mum vibes, which I kind of dig), I personally wouldn’t buy another of these at that price point. The current sale price of £34.95 is a little better but I’d definitely recommend going for the coat over this one.

This being said, if you are interested in getting this sweatshirt then you can check it out here, additionally you’re able to view the alternative colour ways available in this design through that link.

Okay so this now brings us to the end of this review, I really hope that you enjoyed reading it and if you did then please subscribe to my blog – you can do so via a WordPress account or with an email address. I promise that there will be more regular posts coming up!


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