Femme Luxe Finery Review – Just Instagram Hype or Worth The Money?

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In this post I’m going to be reviewing some items from the Instagram brand Femme Luxe Finery. I’ve seen this brand all over Instagram recently, with a lot of people that I follow doing collaborations with them, and I’ve always been curious about them

Femme Luxe Finery reached out to me and asked if I’d like to choose 4 items from certain collections to review on my blog. Being interested in the brand, I accepted.

Before we get into this review I just want to say that I have no obligation to say anything about the brand or the clothing items. I have a lot of thoughts about the brand which I’ll be sharing in this post and I’ll be discussing if I think that they’re worth it.

My Initial Thoughts Before This Collaboration

As I’ve already mentioned, I’ve seen this brand on Instagram a lot and the only way to describe the style of clothing they sell is that it’s very Instagram. Whilst I’ve always thought that their clothing was cool or cute, I’ve never really felt inclined to purchase since their items mostly strike me as the type of clothing you’d wear on a night out (which I don’t go on nights out) or clothing that looks good in photos. Additionally, my body type isn’t represented on their website at all so I’ve always found it difficult to picture how exactly it would look on me.

All of their models are absolutely beautiful but they represent a very specific, and not very common, body type – big boobs, a tiny waist, and a big bum/hips. The tiny waists of the models makes it difficult to picture exactly how the clothing will look on a more typical body shape.

Additionally, I like to go more for comfort in my clothing and what makes me feel confident. Really short dresses, super cropped tops, and clothing with cut outs isn’t something that tends to appeal to me.

Finally, their sizing range is very limited. They sell between a size 6 and a size 14 according to their clothing chart (but I have seen a size 16 available in some styles).

Personally, my clothing size ranges a lot. I tend to go for a size 10 in tops, but I can fit an 8. Whereas jeans and dresses tend to be either a size 12 or a 14 because my hips are larger than the rest of my body.

The labelling of their sizes rubs me the wrong way a little – one of the items I chose was a 10/12 and it was labelled as a large, and all size 12 products are also labelled as a large, with a size 10 being a medium. For me, I wouldn’t say that a size 10 is a medium and in my opinion, it’s not sending the best message.

My Ordering Process

I was sent to a bloggers website where I was told to choose 4 products. The categories for this collaboration were supposed to be bodycon dresses, jumpsuits, and bodysuits, but as you’ll see there were some product types available (I got a crop top).

I’m going to be honest – not many of the products really appealed to me, it took me quite a while to select 4 products as there wasn’t a huge amount to choose from. I really wanted to pick products that I’d get use out of, of course.

The sizing also made it even harder for me when ordering. A few dresses I really wanted only went up to a size 10, which wouldn’t fit me. The dresses I did order I had to get in a 12, which concerned me.

As I’ve already said above, the models were also off-putting and made it difficult to judge what the products look like. For example, I ordered a crop top which was shown tucked into some high-waisted shorts but now that it’s here, it’s pretty small and I’m not sure how it was tucked into anything (there were no photos of it untucked).

The order arrived really quickly once I’d put it through (once it said it was out for delivery, it arrived the following day).

What I Chose

  • White Polka Dot Ruffle One Shoulder Mini Dress – Alea (size large – 12/14) – £41.98 on sale (as of 12/12/19) for £16.99
  • Black Mesh Puff Short Sleeve Organza Mini Dress – Lola (size 12) – £29.98 on sale (as of 12/12/19) for £12.99
  • Black Sequin Mesh Overlay Bodysuit – June (size 12) – £31.98 on sale (as of 12/12/19) for £13.99
  • Black PU Strappy Corset Crop Top – Caruso (size large – 10/12) – £29.98 on sale (as of 06/12/19) for £12.99

White Polka Dot Ruffle One Shoulder Mini Dress – Alea

This dress is so cute! When I first saw it I thought it would be a great dress for summer but I was concerned that it would be see-through. Is it see-through? Yes absolutely.

The material is so thin, and since it’s white, it’s extremely sheer. I wish they’d just double layered the fabric because it is a nice dress but I’d be concerned about wearing it. You’d definitely need to wear nude underwear but I think even then you’d be able to see it. Even though it would look cute in the summer, I don’t know how practical it actually would be.

It clings in odd places on me and whilst it doesn’t look terrible, I don’t think it would make me feel great in the summer. Plus it is dangerously short for me. The ruffles just cover my bum so there will be absolutely no bending in this or probably even walking.

I’m not sure why, but on camera you can’t see that it’s basically completely sheer, I tried to take a picture close up to show how much you can see my underwear through it but it just wouldn’t show up at all!

This material feels extremely cheap, I’m not going to lie. It’s 100% polyester so you’re going to sweat a whole lot in it. Even just standing and taking these photos I was sweating.

The size large I got is apparently a 12/14 but it’s really tight on my bum and thighs. Since it has absolutely no stretch and is so short, I would want to size up. The problem is that there isn’t a size up. For me, this just isn’t a dress that I’d get use out of unless I find a cute way to style it with something underneath so my butt isn’t hanging out.

For the current sale price of £16.99 I guess it isn’t bad. If you find a way to wear it so it isn’t so sheer (maybe a nude thong would be okay but honestly I’m not sure), you’re shorter than 5″6′, and are smaller than a size 12, then I think it would be a cute dress. For £41.98 there’s absolutely no way in hell I’d ever purchase or recommend it, it just isn’t worth that at all in my opinion.

If you would like to get this dress then you can do so through this link.

Black Mesh Puff Short Sleeve Organza Mini Dress – Lola

Black Mesh Puff Short Sleeve Organza Mini Dress - Lola femmeluxefinery.co.uk

This is another cute dress! I chose this one because I really liked the sleeves, I thought it added something extra to the regular little black dress you can get anywhere. Additionally, unlike most of the pieces I was given to choose out of, I thought this was a dress that I’d probably get a lot of use out of.

This dress is a lot better than the first one, but if I’m being honest it’s still not the best. The material for this one is still 100% polyester so it’s going to get sweaty. However, it’s a lot thicker and isn’t see-through at all which is a huge bonus compared to the first one.

I have two main issues with this dress. The first, which I guess isn’t an isolated issue for Femme Luxe, is that the dress rides up a lot when you’re walking. It’s actually longer than it looks in this picture but even just moving around for posing, the dress rode up a tonne. Although this annoys me, it’s an issue with most bodycon dresses. The biggest issue I have is the sleeves. The part where it goes against the arm is SO ITCHY. It’s really irritating and I’m pretty unhappy about it. I think this dress is really nice and I would wear it if it weren’t for the sleeves – if anyone knows a way that I can attach something to the part that brushes against my arm, so it’s not itchy, then please let me know!

I’m going to see what I can do to make this dress more comfortable because I do love how it looks and I would wear it.

The dress is also pretty stretchy which is nice, and it doesn’t do that weird thing where it highlights your bellybutton. For the price that it’s currently on sale for, I think it’s a really good deal and I’d definitely purchase it, but keep in mind that it is itchy on the sleeves. I’d actually say that this dress is also worth the full-price. I don’t see why there’s such a huge price difference between this dress and the first one, but I’d definitely go for this one out of the two!

To grab this dress, you can click through this link.

Black Sequin Mesh Overlay Bodysuit – June

https://femmeluxefinery.co.uk/products/black-sequin-mesh-overlay-bodysuit- Alyssa femmeluxefinery.co.uk

I picked this item because I’ve been really wanting tops that are comfortable to wear, that I can wear when I’m going for drinks or meals so I can look nice without trying too hard (I need more nice tops to go with my jeans).

Now I’ve only ever tried one bodysuit before and it felt like I was being ripped in two, so I was pretty nervous to get a bodysuit but I really wanted to try products from different categories. Thankfully, this bodysuit fits my torso without pulling. It has taken me a little bit of time to work out how best to put it on (I think doing it up before putting it on is easiest), and I haven’t tried going to the toilet and then doing it back up, but so far I’m doing good with it!

The only issue is the zip. There’s a zip on the back that goes between the black fabric of the part that clips up, and the sparkly fabric of the top. It’s a little difficult to do it up between the two different fabrics, and the zip catches a little so I am worried about the longevity of the item. I really hope the zip manages to hold out because I love this bodysuit. I think it looks really nice, fits really nicely, and I have no other issues with it other than the zip!

You do need to wear this with high-waisted bottoms because the black shiny fabric for the bottom part comes up quite high before the sparkly fabric starts, but this isn’t an issue for me as I always wear high-waisted clothes.

£13.99 is a great price for this, in my opinion (and they have it in another colour) and I really would get this bodysuit if you like the look of it. It would be great for a lot of different occasions! Again, I do find the pricing a little weird. £31.98, for me, is quite a lot of money for just a bodysuit and I personally wouldn’t pay that much for this item. This isn’t to say it’s not a good bodysuit, I really do love it, it’s my favourite item from this haul and I’m going to be wearing it for a Christmas meal next week, it just doesn’t feel like £30 quality to me.

I would really recommend getting this though, and if you’d like to then you can check it out here, there’s also a rose gold version of it which you can get through this link.

Black PU Strappy Corset Crop Top – Caruso

Black PU Strappy Corset Crop Top - Caruso femmeluxefinery.co.uk

Oh boy this top. I’ve been really wanting a top like this for such a long time (but not a crop top ideally) so when I saw this, I knew I had to get it and try it. I really love how they look and it’s so in my style. Since I tend to wear a size 10 top, I thought a size 10/12 would be fine, I was 1000% wrong.

This top is so beautiful it’s frustrating. Even though it is cropped, I think I’d feel okay wearing it with high-waisted jeans. That is, if I can get into it. This top is what I like to call a two man top. The type of top that fits, if you have a second person to help you do it up. Trying to do it alone, I popped multiple stitches and thought that I would be needing to be cut out of it.

It looks really good and it makes me look good, but it really could do with being a size bigger (again though, they don’t do a size bigger). I also wish it wasn’t as cropped – the woman in the product photos had it tucked into shorts and I don’t know what spirits she conjured to be able to do that but there’s no way I could! I definitely will not be wearing this because it’s so tight and it just makes me feel self-conscious. I really wish it were longer and a bigger size because if it were then I’d wear it so much!

If you’re thinner than me, like wearing crop tops, and have wanted a top like this then this is 100% the top for you – especially for £12.99. However, if you’re bigger than a size 10 then I just don’t see how it will work for you. I buy size 10 tops usually and this was a SQUEEZE to say the least! The material is really nice so I think the retail price of £30 isn’t too much, I just wish they had a bigger size range.

If you’d like to pick up this top then you can do so through this link.

Okay so this brings me to the end of my review. I’m quite mixed on how I feel about the brand really. I think that their size range is absolutely not good enough – some items go up to a size 16 but that’s still not very inclusive at all. Although I think their sale prices are pretty good, their regular prices are too high. The quality of the clothing doesn’t seem too bad but it isn’t anything to write home about. I would definitely like to try more bodysuits and dresses based on my experience with these items, but I’d consider whether things are going to be itchy/sheer a lot more. I’d be really interested to see what their knitwear is like because I’m a jumper lover!

Would I work with Femme Luxe Finery again? Probably. I think there’s definitely more for me to try before making a solid judgement, but I’m quite torn as is. I personally probably wouldn’t tell you to spend your hard-earned money on their site without me having tried some more of their products to get a better idea of what they’re like first.

However, if you would like to see some of their other items based on the few that I tried here then why not take a look at:

Bodycon Dresses

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