Lavera Matt’n Stay Lips Review

Hello and Welcome!

Not only welcome to this post but welcome to 2020. It’s no secret that in 2019 my blogging took a turn for the worst (in that I hardly did it). However, I’m feeling refreshed and recharged and I’m hoping that 2020 turns out better for me.

This first post of 2020 will be reviewing arguably my favourite beauty product – lipsticks.

Today I’m going to be talking about a brand I hadn’t heard of until they contacted me, Lavera. I will be going into more detail about who they are and what kinds of products they sell a little later in the review. Today’s post will be focusing on their ‘Matt’n Stay Lips’ lipsticks. I was sent the following shades:

  • Matt’n Stay Lips – Matt’n Plum – £10.90 (currently, as of 08/01/20, on sale for £8.72)
  • Matt’n Stay Lips – Matt’n Rose – £10.90 (currently, as of 08/01/20, on sale for £8.72)
  • Matt’n Stay Lips – Matt’n Peach – £10.90 (currently, as of 08/01/20, on sale for £8.72)

Before we get into the nitty gritty of the review I do want to quickly apologise to the brand because it’s been quite a while from when I received the products until now. A lot of things got in the way of me blogging last year and I’m sorry that it’s taken so long. Also a massive thank you to them for being so kind and patient with me.

Okay so, I’m going to include a little bit of information about the brand themselves before getting into each lipstick and what I think. If you aren’t interested in that information then feel free to skip a little bit forward.

Who are Lavera?

Lavera is a natural cosmetics company founded in 1987. The name Lavera means ‘the truth’ and the brand prides themselves on being transparent using ‘raw plant materials, as much as possible from certified organic agriculture’. They also say that their products are ‘100% free from synthetic perfumes, colourants, and preservatives’.

Lavera sells everything including: facial skincare products (cleansers, toners, masks, etc.), makeup, shampoo and conditioners, deodorant, toothpaste, and sun cream.

You can read more about Lavera here.


As you can see from the photo above, the lipsticks come as a lip crayon rather than your more traditional lipstick in bullet form. The packaging is mostly black with the brand and product names written in silver. You can see the colour of the lipsticks through the clear cap, and the bottom of the crayons have little plastic caps representing the colour of the lipstick.

The packaging is pretty simple and isn’t my favourite but it does the job. The names of these lipsticks is written on a small label which is on the clear cap. I’m not completely in love with that design as it’s hard to see and if you put the caps on the wrong lipsticks then you’re going to mix up the names (although the names do represent the colours pretty well).

I’ve also included swatches of the colours in a photo above.

Matt’n Stay Lips – Matt’n Plum

When I first saw this product and heard the name ‘Matt’n Plum’ I thought it would be more of a deep berry almost purple colour but it comes off as more of a red on me. I’d say on my lips it’s more of a medium red and swatches as a deep red.

Although I love the colour I am a little disappointed that it leans more towards being red than purple. However, it is a beautiful shade and I really like red lipsticks. I’ve used this shade on multiple occasions and do like it.

As with all of these lipsticks, they don’t have very strong staying power. Since they are crayons they’re also a little more difficult to get even colour I’ve found. Despite the description saying that the colour glides on without dragging, I do find that this one drags a little. This might be because my lips are a bit dry but the times that I have used this colour I’ve found it drags a bit each time.

On the lips this colour is really comfortable, it doesn’t feel too dry and it doesn’t bleed. Although the fact that it’s a lipstick crayon makes it easier to get a more accurate application, I would still recommend wearing a lip liner with this specific shade because it’s much easier to see where the lines are a little less crisp than you’d like (especially on the top lip).

I think that £10.90 is pretty pricey for this lipstick given that it doesn’t have much lasting power and isn’t very large. However, you are paying for the extra steps and quality that comes with more natural products.

If you’re interested in this shade then you can check it out here.

Matt’n Stay Lips – Matt’n Rose

I thought that this colour would be my favourite given how much I’m drawn to everything pink, but it isn’t my favourite shade of pink. It’s a little bit light for me so I haven’t found that I’ve been as drawn to it as the plum one.

The one tugs as much as the plum one which is a bit annoying but as I said, once it’s on it doesn’t feel dry so I don’t mind too much. I’d actually prefer for a lipstick to tug a little rather than be so creamy that it moves around and easily smudges on your lips!

I think this shade would be really beautiful in the middle of a darker lipstick to brighten up the centre and create an ombre. I might try this with the plum colour in the future because I think those two could make a really beautiful ombre so keep an eye on my Instagram for this in the future!

Unlike the plum colour, I do think that this is true to its ‘Rose’ name and if you like this kind of shade then it definitely would be for you it’s just a little light for my personal taste! I think I’d go more for the ‘Matt’n Pink’ shade that they carry as it looks like a brighter and lighter pink, but I appreciate trying this colour out as something a little different.

If this shade sounds like something that you’d like then you can view it here.

Matt’n Stay Lips – Matt’n Peach

Onto our final colour and the one that I was most excited about! I don’t own that many peachy, or orange, lipsticks but I really want to get some more and I love how they look.

For whatever reason, this lipstick glides on more smoothly than the other two so perhaps it wasn’t due to how dry my lips were because this was the colour that I put on first!

This is definitely my favourite colour, it’s so pretty and I know that I’ll get a lot of use out of it. Typically I tend to do more extravagant eye looks and keep my lipsticks more neutral (like the photo above) so I like more of these nude type shades for that purpose. This is also the type of colour that I would throw on when I’m not wearing much makeup and just want a wash of nice colour without wearing a more heavy duty liquid lipstick.

If you’d like to find out more about this shade, or purchase it yourself, then you can do so on the Lavera website here.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, I do like these lipsticks for when I don’t want to use a liquid lipstick however I don’t tend to reach for these kinds of crayon lipsticks more than traditional bullet lipsticks. I tend to find them a little hard to use after a while when they start to wear down and finding a sharpener (especially one that fits this larger crayon) is much more effort for me than just grabbing a bullet lipstick.

Additionally, for me personally, £10.90 is pretty expensive. I would rather save a little extra money and purchase a Jeffree Star liquid lipstick that I know I’d get more use out of in terms of that I would reach for it more, and that it would last longer.

This being said, if you’re looking for a natural brand and prefer lipsticks that are less drying then this would probably be for you. Also, if you make sure to keep the crayon sharpened then you won’t have to worry about using a lip liner and it would be a great product to throw in your bag.

At the end of the day it’s down to personal preference. Personally, I don’t reach for these very often over other lipsticks that I own.

If you’d like to check out all of the different Lavera lipsticks they sell then you can do so here, additionally, check out their other makeup products here.

Okay so this brings us to the end of this review, I hope that you enjoyed reading it! If you did enjoy then please consider subscribing to my blog. I will be going back to posting twice a week (on a Wednesday and a Friday), so make sure you’re following in order to see those posts.


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