Jeffree Star Cosmetics ‘Mini Rainbow Bundle’ Swatches & Review

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It feels like an age since I reviewed a makeup product outside of my monthly subscription box. I find myself drawn more towards beauty products rather than makeup for reviews since skincare is generally cheaper and I find it easier to decide what to review. I do miss reviewing makeup and there will still be makeup reviews about, I just find the skincare market easier to navigate. 

I’ve had this bundle for a little while now after my incredible boyfriend bought it for me and thought that it was about time for me to review it!

What is in the Bundle?

The bundle retails for £45 on the Beauty Bay website and contains 8 mini liquid lipsticks in the shades:

  • Diva – Pink with a gold metallic shift
  • Redrum – A classic blue-toned red
  • Flame Thrower – A matte neon orange
  • Queen Bee – A bright yellow matte
  • Equality – A dark green matte
  • Breakfast At Tiffany’s – A matte blue-green
  • Blue Velvet – A matte royal blue
  • I’m Royalty – A matte royal purple

Each liquid lipstick is half the size of the full-sized version, but contains a full-size applicator wand. 

If we do a quick bit of maths we can work out how much this bundle is worth. A full-size Jeffree Star liquid lipstick is £16.00. Therefore, one of these minis would be worth £8.00. There’s 8 minis in this set, so 8 x 8 is £64.00. This means just the lipsticks alone are worth £64.00 in this bundle, this doesn’t include the fact you get a large, beautiful box with them. Considering it retails for £45.00, that’s a pretty great deal if you ask me. 


You had a little glimpse of the packaging above but here it is in full. 

The outside of the box is a rainbow with the Jeffree Star Cosmetics logo printed over it in a metallic silver font. On the side of the box it says ‘EQUALITY’ and holds shut magnetically. 

Inside the box are the 8 mini lipsticks which each have their own little space that they slot into, under which is the shade names in the corresponding colour. 

This packaging is honestly so gorgeous. The box is pretty large and it feels such good quality. I’m going to keep this box as I really love it!


My Thoughts

Okay first I’ll discuss the swatches above. ‘Redrum’ isn’t swatched in the same way because I already own this shade so I didn’t want to break open the new one. Instead I’ve inserted a random picture of me wearing it. 

For the most part these swatched fine, however the formula of the colours varies wildly within the bundle. ‘Diva’ is quite thick whereas ‘Queen Bee’ and ‘Equality’ are very thin. I didn’t want to layer in the swatches so, as you can see ‘Queen Bee’ isn’t totally opaque and to be honest even getting it to look how it does in the lip swatch took a bit of effort. It would definitely require multiple layers to make it one solid colour. ‘Equality’ wasn’t as bad in terms of opacity, you just have to be careful with it as it can be a little difficult to control where it’s going since it has such a liquid formula. The rest of the shades were fine.

I actually bought these to use as eyeliner for the most part (since Jeffree Star lipsticks are eye safe), so I haven’t used these shades much yet since I have to plan looks that will use these colours. I did actually use ‘Queen Bee’ as eyeliner in a look I haven’t posted and it performed slightly better on the eyes, than on the lips, but still needed some layering. 

I’ve worn both ‘Blue Velvet’ and ‘I’m Royalty’ out and about. They perform just as well as all the other Jeffree Star lipsticks that I own and look fantastic. Although ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ and ‘Equality’ aren’t as easy to wear for an everyday look, I’m sure I will still get use out of them for certain looks (or as eyeliner) – ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ is so bright and amazing-looking, I can’t wait to use it. 

I’m not sure why the formula of these lipsticks is so different from colour to colour, but I love this bundle regardless. The only colour that I really have an issue with is ‘Queen Bee’, but I don’t own the full-sized one so I’m unsure if it’s a problem with the shade across the board, or just in this mini version. 

Overall, I think if you’re looking for some multi-purpose, long lasting, liquid colours then this bundle is 100% for you. The shades are gorgeous and I love that they can be used on the eyes too. I think the bundle itself is a great deal (as we saw with the maths earlier). Additionally, this bundle was launched in collaboration with the Los Angeles LGBT Centre where proceeds up to $125,000 were donated from sales of the bundle. All in all, I think this is definitely worth the money and I’m extremely thankful to my amazing boyfriend for purchasing it for me!

If you’d like to purchase this yourself, or find out some more information then you can check it out on the Beauty Bay website here, or the Jeffree Star Cosmetics website here.

Okay so this brings us to the end of this review on the Jeffree Star Cosmetics ‘Mini Rainbow Bundle’. I really hope that you enjoyed reading what I thought, and if you did then please leave a quick like on this post! Also, if you aren’t already, please follow my blog!


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