How I Failed Almost Every 2019 Goal & Why it Doesn’t Matter

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As you can see from the title, I failed at almost all of the goals I set myself for 2019.

Last year around this time I posted on here reflecting on the year before and letting you know what goals I set myself and how they went. I planned on doing this post every year as I’m going to set myself goals every year, and as 2019 was coming to an end I started feeling kind of bad because I knew I’d failed almost every goal I set.

However, just because I failed most of my goals doesn’t mean it was necessarily a bad thing nor does it really effect my life drastically.

In this post I’m going to take you through the goals I set myself and what happened.

My 2019 Goals

  1. Be confident in everything you do
  2. Get back into Zumba
  3. Drink more water
  4. Build an Instagram following of 3000
  5. Grow WordPress blog following to
  6. Hit 100,000 views on my blog
  7. Continue to blog twice a week
  8. Get invited to a beauty event
  9. Plan beauty looks throughout the
  10. Engage with blogs and Instagrams
  11. Do 12 days of Blogmas
  12. Fake it until you make it

My Completed 2019 Goals

Of these goals I’d say I completed 1 solidly and three of them partially.

In 2019 I hit 3000 followers on Instagram. I’d say this was the goal I set the most time for and the one I was really set on achieving, so I’m glad that I did it. Ideally I wanted to go over that enough to make my 2020 goal (which I’m not disclosing until next year, sorry) more attainable. I got over 3000 by about 200 followers which is okay but it’s going to a grind to my next goal!

The other three goals that I partially achieved were:

  • Drink more water
  • Get invited to a beauty event
  • Plan beauty looks throughout the year

Did I drink more water? I guess. Do I drink enough water? Hell no. This goal is rolling over into 2020 because unfortunately I am not a cactus therefore I need a substantial amount of water.

So I actually thought that I’d wrote ‘get invited to an event’ when I wrote my goals so I thought I’d just about completed this goal in 2019 but turns out I specified a ‘beauty’ event so I’m putting it down as half completed. I was invited to the Free From Festival in Bristol late 2019 which was incredible. I’ve never been invited to an event before as an ‘influencer’ or a ‘blogger’ so it was exciting (and kind of weird). I really really wanted to be invited to the Revolution Halloween party but they DMed me to say that they weren’t hosting one in 2019. I hope that in 2020 I get invited to a beauty event but it’s not on my goals list for 2020 so I’ll just be secretly hoping instead of actively.

Finally, I’d say that I went through phases of planning looks (e.g. a week of Halloween posts) but it wasn’t consistent enough for me to consider as a success. I’ve planned content for the whole of January so far though so fingers crossed that continues (I find that I’m more likely to post if I’ve already got the content ready to go and have planned which post for which day).

My Failed Goals

So that means the goals that I failed were:

  • Be confident in everything you do
  • Get back into Zumba
  • Grow WordPress blog following to
  • Hit 100,000 views on my blog
  • Continue to blog twice a week
  • Engage with blogs and Instagrams
  • Do 12 days of Blogmas
  • Fake it until you make it

I guess the first and the last goal can be put together and they’re also pretty vague so it’s harder to measure whether I completed them or not. I wouldn’t say they’re goals that can ever be completed I just wanted to put them down to remind myself as I tend to be pretty self conscious and don’t like asserting myself. There were a couple of occasions where I’d say that I acted better than I would have previously to stand up for myself. I would say that I’m more confident than I was last year but I still need to do some work. I definitely haven’t ‘made it’ yet, I’m far away from completing that goal!

The Zumba one is laughable when I think about it. I used to go to Zumba pretty much every Wednesday in 2018. I went once in 2019. Yes once, in the whole year. I tend to sleep at my boyfriend’s house and the Zumba class I went to with my mum was right by my mum’s house which is a 30 minute drive. So the prospect of driving over, dying for an hour, taking a shower, and having to drive back at 9pm just wasn’t appealing so it just ended up not happening. I do miss it but I doubt I’ll get into it again in class form (I wouldn’t mind doing it at home with YouTube videos though)!

The rest are blog related and I failed them all! Firstly, if you just scroll through my posts you’ll know that I definitely didn’t post twice a week, nor do I have 750 followers. Honestly, I’ve just been struggling with it. I switched my blog to self hosting and my traffic went from 100+ views a day to under 20. It was really disheartening to see the blog that I worked so hard on for years basically crash and burn in the space of a day. I kind of lost my passion for it a little and it no longer felt the same. Due to switching over I couldn’t log my views in the same way (they were basically reset) so I have absolutely no idea if I hit 100,000 or not but I honestly doubt it. I also didn’t do 12 days of Blogmas, but it’s on my list again this year so let’s hope it goes to plan (I’m planning from now so I actually have ideas)!

2019 just wasn’t the best. You’d think that my boyfriend having cancer in 2018 would be worse but somehow I felt worse in 2019. I think because I was constantly running around trying to make sure everyone was okay and keep my head above water doing assignments and blogging and pretending everything was normal, having everything actually go back to normal in 2019 made me crash. I was also diagnosed with depression and then had horrible side effects from the medication for 4 weeks (so I guess that’s already a month gone from the year). After that it was slow to feel a little better and I still don’t feel 100%. Although you feel so bad for so long, actually getting the diagnosis makes it feel different, at least for me it did anyway. It was weird to actually be like ‘oh yeah this is definitely what’s wrong with me, I’m not just sad all of the time’.

I’m feeling different in 2020 already. I know that it’s all just made up and it going from the end of December to the beginning of January doesn’t really mean anything but I took a break over Christmas and I’m feeling recharged. I guess it was easy to write off 2019 as just a mess (but hey, at least I graduated), and I don’t want to go into 2021 feeling the same and not having done the things that I want.

So in conclusion, 2019 was a mess and I failed almost all of my goals but it’s fine because there’s always this year. Plus let’s be real, if I had died in 2019 no one would have been like ‘oh well she didn’t hit 750 blog followers though did she?’. Despite what Twitter and those ‘get that bread’ posts might try to make you think, everything isn’t always going to be perfect and no matter how hard you try sometimes you’re going to fail, but picking yourself up and reassessing where to go next is what matters the most.

See you on Wednesday for my next post.


Charlotte (Multibendybeauty) xo

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